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Yeonmi Park Husband | Reason Of Divorce.

Yeonmi Park Husband name is Ezekiel. He married to the most popular North Korean defectors. Also, she is renowned worldwide as a YouTuber, Author, and a conservative activist in America. Besides, Yeonmi Park discussed a lot about her constant movement.

From North Korea, she left for China when she was 13 years old. Later, from China, Yeonmi moved to South Korea. However, she ended up settling in the USA.  

Park started her acting career in 2011 as a debut in television. The serial name was Now on MY Way to Meet You. After that, she got “Paris Hilton” branded. Yeonmi Park got married to her ex-husband Ezekiel. In 2014 at the One Young World Summit Yeonmi got international recognition in Dublin, Ireland. 

Do you want to know about the Yeonmi Park Husband and their divorce reasons? Continue reading the article below and find out more about them. 

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Yeonmi Park Husband Summary

Full Name Ezekiel 
Famous for Yeonmi Park Husband
Gender Male 
Birth Place USA
Residence USA
Ethnicity White 
Nationality American 
Religion Christianity 
Hair Color Brown 
Eye Color Brown 
Sexuality Straight
Marital Status Divorced 
Children James 

Who Is Yeonmi Park Husband? 

Yeonmi Park Husband is Ezekiel. But he got divorced from Yeonmi. Thus, they both got married in 2017 on 1st January. They lived together for a good 4 years. However, it wasn’t in their faith so the couple got divorced. 

Not much is known about Park’s husband Ezekiel. Because he is living a very low-key life. Yet, Ezekiel belongs to the white ethnicity and has an American nationality. 

What Is The Reason For Yeonmi & Ezekiel’s Divorce? 

Yeonmi and Ezekiel were personal about their relationship. As well as they didn’t disclose the reason for their separation. 

Still, Yeonmi mentioned her divorce in one of her YouTube videos. On 30 January 2021, a Korean activist announced her separation from Ezekiel. Even Park labeled that video ‘Let’s Talk about the Lies’. 

Does Yeonmi Park Husband Has A Child With Her?

Ezekiel and Yeanmi Park gave birth to their child’s name James. He was born on 8 October 2018. It was one year after their marriage. However, Park deleted the message soon after posting it on its official Twitter account. As of 2023, James is five years old. 


Yeonmi Husband is Ezekiel. Nobody knows about his whereabouts and life. However, Yeonmi is an author, a YouTuber, and a Korean Conservative activist. Further, she talked about her constantly shifting countries. From North Korea to China when she was 13 years old. Then, China to South Korea, and lastly to the USA. 

Moreover, Yeanmi Park started her acting journey in America. And in 2017, she got married to Ezekiel. Though, the marriage lasted for 4 years only. They got separated in 2021. Hence, the couple kept their personal life private.  

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