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Forest Whitaker Siblings | Kenn & Damon Whitaker.

Forest Whitaker Siblings are Damon and Ken Whitaker. They are his brothers and he also has an older sister named Deborah Whitaker. Thus, the Whitaker family brings huge talent to the Hollywood industry. That means, Forest Whitaker is the one who is a star actor, producer, and director too. 

The other two Whitaker brothers belong to the entertainment industry as well. Besides, the popular Forest Whitaker resembles a lot to his brothers. Though, his father was against it as he mentioned in an interview;

“My father wanted me to go to West Point — that was a high calling to him — and couldn’t believe I wanted to study acting or music.” 

How did Forest Whitaker and his Siblings come to the entertainment industry? If you want to know about the details of the Forest Whitaker Siblings then read through the article below. 

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What Is It To Know About Forest Whitaker Siblings Life & Career?

Despite Forest’s father’s disliking, Forest ended up being an actor. Although he went to college for higher studies, he was on a football scholarship.  Sadly, an incident occurred and he couldn’t pursue his career in sports. So, Forest decided to start his career in acting or singing. 

New York Magazine reported Forest Whitaker graduated from the University of Southern California.  He studied theater programs at that university. Moreover, he made his first debut in 1982 in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. 

After his debut, Forest Whitaker became an Oscar-winning performer. In 2006, he did “The Last King Of Scotland” leading to another hit “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” and then “Black Panther”. Not just movies, he worked in the drama industry as well. It includes series such as, “The Shield” and “Criminal Minds”. Later, Forest Whitaker decided to direct movies as well like “Waiting to Exhale”

Besides, Forest Whitaker Siblings Kenn and Damon also belong to the Hollywood industry. They have made a successful name in their career. While in an interview with Paste Magazine Forest said:

 “I was very idealistic when I was younger; I read poetry books, I didn’t care about working or making money. I would rather sleep on the couch than do something I didn’t believe in. I think that it was in our blood in some way, too, because my brothers all have artists’ souls.”                         

 Read the article below and you will get to know about Forest Whitaker Siblings, Kenn, and Damon Whitaker. 

Kenn Whitaker

Many of you find Forest and Kenn as twin brothers. However, they are two years apart. Forest Whitaker is the elder brother of Kenn as he was born on 8 June 1963. Further, both of the Whitaker brothers were born in Longview, Texas. But the Whitaker family moved to California after their birth. 

Forest Whitaker talked about his family with The Guardian Magazine:

“My parents moved from Texas to South Central when I was 4, just before the 1965 Watts Riots. My parents started doing better, moving upward, and we moved to this little house in Carson, on the Compton border, when I was 11. And that’s when a lot of the gang issues started up.”      

Forest was a very simple person so he studied at a high school that was far from his house. In order to avoid any gangs or fighting with gangs. Furthermore, Forest studied music at the beginning and his younger brother Kenn Whitaker followed the same path.

In 1993, Kenn performed a song named “I Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere”. He wrote the song himself and it was directed by Forest Whitaker. Also, Kenn worked in movies like Bulworth, Most Wanted and in television series like Tracey Takes On and Party of Five. 

Moreover, Kenn appeared in the 1999 movie Life. Where he was cast against Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy. Thus, after the 2000s Kenn was never seen on television. Though, he has a part in a film named The Theory Of The Leisure Class. 

Damon Whitaker

Damon Whitaker was born on 21 October 1970. He was born in Los Angeles and is the youngest brother of Forest and Kenn. Damon was born in the actor’s family as he was 12 when Forest did his first big role in Fast Time at Ridgemont High. Therefore, Damon said on a premier night of One Warm Night:

“I was raised in the arts, so my family has always been writing and painting and acting and singing. It’s just natural for us. I’ve been acting since I was in kindergarten.”

In 1988, Damon appeared in an elementary school safety film. Where he was cast with his elder brother Forest Whitaker. The movie’s name was Biopic Bird which depicts the story of Charlie “Bird” Parker. Certainly, he was a jazz musician. 

Yet, both the brothers Forest and Damon Whitaker worked again in Mr. Holland’s Opus and Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai. Again, he was cast in First Daughter which was directed by Forest Whitaker. 

After this Damon worked for many years as a producer and writer. He mentioned at the premiere of One Night that:

“I do develop and produce; I’ve been doing it for a while. I am a writer as well, so I’ve been doing a lot of writing.”

Lastly, Damon worked in a television series in 2022 named Strangely Tranquil. He wrote the series and acted himself. 


Forest Whitaker Siblings are Kenn and Damon. All three of them belong to the entertainment industry. However, Forest Whitaker is the most popular actor, producer, and director among the three Whitaker siblings.     

Before starting his acting career, Forest pursues music in the beginning. However, starting his career in acting led his brothers to take a step in acting. Kenn and Damon were born actors. As Forest says Whitaker has acting running in the family. 

But among Kenn and Damon, Kenn has worked in fewer movies and series than Damon. Yet, Damon and Forest have worked more together in the past couple of years.     

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How many siblings does Forest Whitaker have?

Forest Whitaker Siblings are Kenn and Damon Whitaker. However, Forest is the two-year elder brother of Kenn. But Damon is the youngest of them.

Who is Forest Whitaker’s sister?

Deborah Whitaker is the only sister of Whitaker’s Siblings. 

Does Forest Whitaker have a son that acts?

Forest Whitaker’s son’s name is Ocean Whitaker. Also, he has three daughters. Ocean is 33 years old born in 1990. So, Ocean started working like his father in acting as a career. 

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