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Blue Face and Chrisean Rock Baby Chrisean Jr Hernia Surgery was Successful

Chrisean Jr Hernia came into the limelight not for being a celebrity child but due to his hernia surgery. You must have come across Chrisean Rock’s Instagram and interviews in which she revealed that Chrisean Jr hernia surgery was due and will successfully take place in October. However, fans wondered how the news broke out.

It was Blueface who posted a picture of his son’s genitals. He wanted to address the concern that Chrisean Rock is not caring for their child. However, the post got mixed reviews from the audience. 

Furthermore, in this article, we will talk about Chrisean Rock and her reaction to the shared explicit images by Blueface.

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Chrisean Jr Hernia Surgery 

Chrisean Rock was furious when she saw that disturbing image and revealed that she would call a pressing charge for Blueface for sharing the picture of her child. However, fans were worried about their well-being after Chrisean Jr hernia surgery. She revealed that soon he would undergo surgery and requested fans and media to protect her privacy stating on Instagram Live.

 “I don’t want y’all at the hospital when I go,” she explained. “‘Cuz my fans, y’all really be finding me and s**t. I mean, y’all cool but y’all ain’t that cool. Don’t keep up with me like that.”

Furthermore, she revealed that it’s a difficult process to put your child in a doctor’s hands, and to find the best doctor is an even more difficult task. 

“It just kept dragging,” the reality star described. “I met with so many f**king doctors bro. I was getting irritated with my d**n self, like bro, I just want my baby fixed.” 

Recently, on October 6 she posted a picture of his baby from the hospital and captioned it:

“Papa you so handsome @chriseanmalone.jr you recovering so fast [teary face emoji],”

We are glad to hear that little Junior is doing better and is in recovering process. 

The Fight Between Blueface and Chrisean Rock

Sharing the picture of Chrisean Jr Hernia by revealing his genitals to the public Blueface was under fire for doing it by fans as well as Chrisean Rock. his excuse for sharing the explicit picture was to address the concern that Rock is not taking care of his health. 

“I had to go ’cause I guess the baby has a little hernia or something,” he said. “I didn’t make the birth ’cause she didn’t invite me. She didn’t let me know nothing. She was just doing some Instagram stuff so I was just like, ‘Alright, how am I supposed to arrange myself to just get over there?’

Furthermore, he revealed that they have a huge communication gap which led to this mishap. 

“The communication wasn’t there for me to end up there. I just gave her a little bit of time to feel it out, then she finally tells me the baby has a hernia and he’s gonna have surgery or whatever. It’s nothing major, just regular shit. And I was like, ‘Oh, damn,’ so that’s really why I went out there.”

Chrisean Rock on Chrisean Jr Hernia Surgery & Procedure

She was more concerned for her child than what other people thought. Rock was also accused that her child Chrisean Jr Hernia is suffering from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. However, at this point, she got a little annoyed because of continuous rumors by the public. She revealed in a statement that:

“My baby is healthy. They would have told me if he had symptoms,” she said. “He’s healthy bro. Just ‘cause that picture wasn’t that cute doesn’t mean [inaudible] you can post my baby on the internet. That shit is wild. Now my baby father is bitter. He doing bitter shit now because I liked some shit about my ex being the baby’s father. But I’m only doing shit because that hurt. Fuck you.”

To clear her side even more she further added to clear the doubts of Blueface and everybody else saying:

“You posted my son’s dick. Yeah, so I’m trolling. You wanna join a troll with my ex just ‘cause you embarrassed – it’s embarrassing. What’s the point in trolling with my ex, bruh? Then leave us alone for real. Stop calling for real. I know that’s you from no caller I.D. who keep calling.”

In this dispute who is right we don’t know but glad to hear that little Chrisean Jr hernia surgery was a success and now he is on the road toward recovery. 


Blueface and Chrisean Rock came under fire due to their son Chrisean Jr hernia surgery. Blueface shared a picture of his son’s genitals to reveal that Rock is not taking care of his son. However, on the other side, it was Chrisean Rock who went through finding a good doctor for his son’s treatment and faced backlash from the public.

Rock revealed that she will file a press charge against Bueface for revealing explicit pictures of his son on social media. Furthermore, Chrisean Jr is now recovering after the surgery and soon will be back with a bang.


What kind of hernia does Chriseans’ baby have?

Chrisean Rock’s son went through surgery for an inguinal hernia. She revealed to the public on October 6 that her baby is now doing fine and is in recovering zone. 

Who is Chrisean’s baby daddy?

Blueface confirms that he is the daddy of Chrisean Rock’s baby. 

Why did Chrisean’s baby need surgery?

As we stated earlier Chrisean baby was suffering from an inguinal hernia which requires treatment. However, it was his father Blueface who shared an explicit image of his son on social media which he later deleted. But for ruining the privacy of his son Chrisean decided to press charges on Blueface. 

How many kids does Blueface have?

Blueface has three children. From 2020 to 2023 he dated Chrisean Rock. Later, she announced her pregnancy, and Chrisean Jr was born on September 3, 2023. 

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