• June 19, 2024
Aespa's Karina Apology to Fans for Dating Openly

K-pop stars are not allowed to date openly? This is the reason Aespa’s Karina apology was important to her fans. Let’s take a closer look at the situation.

Recently, the K-pop singer Karina, part of the Aespa group, posted a picture with actor Lee Jai-wook confirming their relationship. However, her fans got furious and demanded a handwritten apology from the star. 

Some fans even put an electric billboard on Karina’s agency headquarters. Moreover, it was posted by the Chosun Ilbo newspaper which published the electronic sign stating that: 

“Do you not get enough love from your fans?” it read. “Why did you choose to betray your fans?”

Furthermore, fans demanded an apology from the actress, which should be handwritten.

“Please apologize directly. Otherwise, you’ll see declining album sales and empty concert seats,”

However, this incident shows that this is quite rude and unacceptable as it’s their lives and nobody has the right to teach them what to do and what not to do.

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Aespa’s Karina Apology

As per her fan’s demand on Wednesday Karina posted a handwritten apology to her 12.7 million followers for hurting them and their emotions. If you cannot find the apology on Instagram you may search it on Google as Aespa’s Karina Apology.

“I know very well how disappointed (my fans) who have supported me are and how upset you’re thinking about the memories we shared together,” she wrote. “I want to make up for my hurt fans from now on. I have always been sincere to you, and still each and every one of you are truly precious to me.”

Looking at her apology it clearly shows that she is sincerely sorry for her act and will not disappoint her fans again. Furthermore, she promised to her fans that:

“show more maturity and work harder going forward to all (my fans) without disappointment.”

Some fans gave mixed reactions and stated that she doesn’t need to be sorry for loving someone. Let’s take a look at those reactions.

What is the Reaction of Fans to Aespa’s Karina Apology? 

It’s 2024 but still, people are poking into other’s life. In Japan and South Korea, the agencies rarely reveal the relationships of K-pop idols. Last year singer Jisoo and actor Ahn Bo-Hyun confirmed that they are dating each other. 

However, fans supported them and were happy about their relationship. Apart from this on Aespa’s Karina apology fans were very much supportive. Here take a look at her comment section after she posted an apology note. 

“No idols (K-pop stars) should apologize for dating in 2024,” 

Another user added: 

“Apologize for loving someone? You don’t need to do this.”

Not only in Korea but her apology and this incident got quite famous in China too. She has a good Chinese fan following. However, her fans were not so happy as they felt they were betrayed. 

“If she really cherished (her fans), she wouldn’t have fallen in love in the first place,” 

One of the users on Weibo stated:

“Her apology is far from sincere and merely just a tactic to save face.  It just shows she is scared of losing fans and money. “

This wasn’t it the fans still had issues and said that she didn’t reveal her relationship status which means she is still dating the actor and all that. 

“What the fans really want to hear from her is that she has broken up and maintains no contact with the guy,”

Another one wrote:

“How can she appear so burdenless and carefree after all of this? Happily in love while hanging fans out to dry, as if nothing happened. She can’t have it both ways.”

I think this is not the decision of fans for what they do and what not. 

Why K-Pop Fans are so Important that Karina has to Apologise?

The fans in South Korea and Japan idolize their stars and are the main focal reason behind their success and fame. So, how can any person let them down? A singer and actor would rarely date publicly. They have strict rules to keep it private. 

One of the same incidents happened in 2018. When two artists Hyuna and E-Dawn started dating each other. Both of them belong to the Cube Entertainment record label. Moreover, they performed together in Triple H. but after revealing their relationship publicly their stock points dropped down badly. 

Fans are the ones making them more noticeable figures but their hands and their lives are also tied around them. 


Aespa’s Karina apology came out on Wednesday where she revealed that she feels extremely sorry for hurting the emotions of her fans. Why did Karina have to apologize? As she revealed her romantic relationship with actor Lee Jae-wook.

However, her following has a mixed reaction. Some people thought that she had apologized just for the sake of money and fame. On the other hand, some fans supported her that she doesn’t need to be sorry for loving someone.


Did Karina write an apology letter?

Yes! Karina posted an apology letter on her Instagram to her 12.7 million followers for hurting them and their emotions by publicly revealing her relationship. 

What happened between Karina and Lee Jae-wook?

The couple decided to part ways after getting a lot of hate and drama that occurred after revealing their relationship. 

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