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Who is Latoya Tonodeo? The Powerful Actress of “Power Book II-Ghost”

Latoya Tonodeo is famously known for her Power Book II- Ghost movie celebrity. Where she played the role of the daughter of drug dealers Monet and Lorenzo Tejada.

However, she has some other goals for her future. She wants to go to college and date the coolest guy Tariq St. Patrick the lead hero played by Micheal Rainey Jr. 

In season 2 if you have yet to see the ending was dramatic and action-packed. Monet received the news that Ezekiel Cross had been killed.

Moreover, Monet the famous NBA player learned that Monnet was his mother and Date Spears was her former lover. Not just leaving their fans in awe another twist that comes around is when Monnet gets to know that Zeke died due to her husband Lorenzo. 

Furthermore, in this article, we will delve deeper to learn more about Latoya Tonodeo, her personality, her personal life, and much more.

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Unknown Facts You Need to Know About Latoya Tonodeo

Latoya Tonodeo is one of the emerging names in the industry. Moreover, she holds a great personality apart from being an actor. Let us explore some facts about Tonodeo and her life. 

Believe in Feminism and Women’s Empowerment

While revealing about her movie she said that I am proud to share that this movie holds different types of women and the strong character portrayed by each one of them. Moreover, she quoted about the role of Monet as a black woman. She ruled it like a boss. Her character shows the smartness and confidence that she holds. 

The Family Love

The love of family and actors for each other can be seen in the dinner table scene which was shot over two days. Remembering the scene Diana revealed that Monet lashed out at the table scene, however, it was not written that way. Where did Tonodeo go? She ran towards her father. 

The energy in the scene that everybody showed was unimaginable. The camera was not still on one face but every actor in that scene nailed it with their expressions. Tonodeo titled this scene as “Nuclear Dinner.” 

Relationship Advice by Latoya Tonodeo

Keeping her role in mind as Diana she revealed that she was in love with St. Patrick. However, her mother Monet advises her to stay away from him. Relieving the moment Diana said that I would advise ladies to listen to their mother as she was right.

Patrick is into other girls, trying to get her sister back, finding her mother, and is a school-going kid who cannot afford a relationship right now. 

Always Learning from Her Senior Actors

As you see Power Book II-Ghost has some of the best onscreen actors like Mary J. Blige, Method Man, 50 Cent, and Larenz Tate. Diana is in awe and reveals how she has learned to be powerful, strong, and confident while playing the role of Diana daughter of Mary J. Blige.

She further praised Blige for being an icon and for being a strong individual lady. Tonodeo idealizes her and wants to be as good as her. 

The Boost To Acting Career After the Role of Diana

Before getting the role of Diana Tonodeo was grinding and hustling to build her acting career. Moreover, she revealed she needed a job however, she couldn’t make it to the employment and cried badly. But, she revealed that I am glad I didn’t get that job as I was chosen for the role of Diana. So grind and believe in yourself. 

Latoya Tonodeo Faced Rejection Multiple Times

Latoya Tonodeo remembers one of her auditions that she wanted to be successful. It was for “ The Women King.” which was later played by Viola Davis. However, she got another film “Power.” Sooner or later your time comes just wait for your turn. 

Professional Guidance for Young Girls

As an actor, Tonodeo feels that she is responsible for guiding newcomers. Stating that she revealed that the young actors should work hard, find a good coach, and hustle until they reach their goal. Moreover, she continued and encouraged the actors to join acting classes and give their best in training.

Tonodeo Credits her Mother & Grandmother for her Success 

In one of the interviews, Latoya Tonodeo revealed that her mentors our her mother and grandmother. They were her best friend and made sure that I reached my goal and achieved it as an actress.

She Keeps her Looks Natural

As an actress, she is extra careful about her skin, hair, and overall body. Moreover, she once revealed she had a pimple during a shoot and how she reacted to it. 

“So I wash my face two times a day. I change my pillowcase every other day. And now that we have to wear a mask, I change my mask every single day. I don’t play; even if I have it on for five minutes, I’m not wearing it again, because I just don’t want my face to break out.”

Further, she added

“I feel like my fashion has improved since being on the show, just being in New York, I’m more into how things fit me and the colors and patterns … I’ve always been into fashion, but I feel like I’m looking at it differently now.”


Latoya Tonodeo is an actress who came into the limelight due to her exceptional acting skills in Power Book II-Ghost as Diana. Moreover, she kept herself groomed and up-to-date as she wanted to keep going forward and upward from here. 

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What race is Diana from power?

Latoya Tonodeo is an American actress. Moreover, her roots belong to African-American origin. 

How old is the LaToya tornado?

Born on 23rd April 1997 she is currently 25 years old. 

Is Mary J in power?

Mary J played the role of the boss woman in Power Book II-Ghost. Some people found her unloving towards her children however, this was not the case she just wanted them to be strong and independent. 

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