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Who is Jeremiah Fisher – Star of The Summer I Turned Pretty?

Jeremiah Fisher is a character from Jenny Han’s novel “The Summer I Turned Pretty.” He is portrayed as a loyal and loving younger brother to Conrad Fisher. Furthermore, a true friend to Belly, the novel’s protagonist.

Jeremiah follows in his brother Conrad’s footsteps, joining the football team at school. Moreover, he decided to work as a lifeguard at the country club because Conrad had planned to do the same. He also develops feelings for Belly.

Jeremiah and Belly grow closer in the summer as she’s thirteen. One afternoon, they happened to overhear their mothers discussing the matter of Susannah‘s cancer. However, having a mastectomy to remove one of her breasts.

As they faced the stark reality of cancer, both became aware of the gravity of Susannah’s condition. At that moment, their bond strengthened, and Belly found herself growing closer to Jeremiah.

At the end of the summer, Jeremiah Fisher reveals to Belly that he wants to be in a relationship. Nevertheless, he realized he could not compete with his older brother for her affection. Jeremiah appears to have a carefree attitude but is quite sensitive.

The Summer I Turned Pretty has debuted on Amazon Prime Video. Furthermore, fans are drawn to the fresh faces of the cast, including celebrity Gavin Casalegno, who plays Jeremiah Fisher.

 The younger Fisher brother is flirty and interested in Belly. He is a complex character with multiple love interests and is involved in discovering his mother’s health secret.

Jeremiah Fisher Biography

Jeremiah grew up in New York with his parents, Susannah and Adam. He spent his summers at their beach house in Cousins Beach, North Carolina. He hangs out with his mother’s best friend’s kids, Belly and Steven.

Currently, Jeremiah is a high school student. Furthermore, he works as a lifeguard at the town’s country club. He loves playing video games, attending bonfires, and swimming. He enjoys partying and having flings with both girls and guys.

However, he may reconsider his relationship approach this summer due to a particular person. Jeremiah Fisher biggest challenge is his distant relationship with his brother, Conrad. Likewise, he struggles to cope with it healthily.

Jeremiah’s charming, playful, and giddy personality is infectious and magnetic to other teens in town. Although he appears to have everything together, his immaturity often causes him to be emotionally unprepared for the obstacles he faces.

Jeremiah Fisher A Loyal Brother

In The Summer I Turned Pretty series, Susannah’s sons are Conrad and Jeremiah Fisher. Conrad is the older brother, and Jeremiah is the younger one. Both brothers display tender moments throughout the series.

However, they also fit into typical older and younger brother stereotypes. Conrad is hardened due to his early knowledge of his mother’s cancer diagnosis. While Jeremiah is carefree and often adds humor to scenes.

He enjoys joking around with Steven, Belly’s brother. Moreover, he frequently disrupts the girls’ debutante ball classes playfully. Jeremiah’s loyalty to his brother Conrad is evident throughout the novel.

He admires Conrad’s athletic prowess and strives to emulate him in every way possible. Despite being aware of his feelings for Belly, Jeremiah never acts on them. As for the out of respect for Conrad’s romantic interest in her.


 He is Belly’s supportive and caring friend, always there for her when she needs him. He connects with Belly on a deep and emotional level. However, when they overhear their mothers discussing Susannah’s cancer.

Jeremiah becomes a source of comfort and support for Belly during this difficult time. Jeremiah’s character is notable for his maturity and self-awareness. He soon realizes he can’t compete with his older brother for Belly’s love.

Thus, he chooses not to pursue a romantic relationship with her. This decision shows his respect for Conrad and his desire not to hurt him. However, Jeremiah Fisher later confesses his feelings, adding a new layer of drama to the storyline.

Jeremiah’s jealousy is evident when he disrupts Conrad and Belly’s first kiss. He later disappears during the debutante ball after discovering his mother has cancer.

As a result, causing Conrad takes his place as Belly’s dance partner. The entire series is available online for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


What is Jeremiah Fisher real name?

In the series The Summer I Turned Pretty (2022), Gavin Casalegno portrays the character of Jeremiah. Moreover, he is recognized as an American actor and model born on September 2, 1999.

Is Jeremiah or Conrad older?

Jeremiah has Susannah and Adam Fisher as his parents and Conrad as his younger brother.

Who does Jeremiah end up with?

They both were separated. Jeremiah gradually reconnects with Belly while she is on an overseas trip to Spain. By the conclusion of the third book, they are reunited and have entered into a marriage.

Are Conrad and Jeremiah twins?

The younger brother in the Fisher family is Jeremiah, with Conrad being his older sibling. At the same time, both brothers display occasional moments of tenderness throughout the series. However, they tend to fit into traditional older and younger brother stereotypes.

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