• July 20, 2024
What Time Does Walmart Customer Service Close?

Walmart is the largest retail store operating in the United States. Moreover, they have huge sales which means there is a large number of customers that require help 24/7.

So, the most frequently asked question by the customers is what time does Walmart customer service close? We can answer this question if we know the location because every store’s timing depends on location. 

You may find some Walmart store customer service for 24 hours and some for only daytime. However, those times can even vary due to store locations.

Moreover, to locate customers can use Walmart store finder or contact the store directly through phone number. Not to be disappointed make sure you contact Walmart customer service first and then visit them.

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What Time Does Walmart Customer Service Close on Weekends & Weekdays?

The customer service timing of every Walmart store depends on their location. Still, if someone asks what time does Walmart customer service close you can tell them it’s 10 p.m. Normally, the store operates from 8:00 am to 10 p.m. seven days a week. 

On weekends Walmart customer services are open. Some stores have regular times from 6:00 am to 11 p.m. Moreover, there is 24-hour service available in some stores. Furthermore, if you want to be sure about the exact timing of the store visit the website and make sure to mention the location of your store. 

How Can You Check What Time Does Walmart Customer Service Close?

Most people visit customer services at Walmart at different hours. However, some of them were lucky they were able to get help from services some were disappointed. So, now customers are questioning what time does Walmart customer service close. Normally, the Walmart customer service closes at 10 p.m. 

Here are a few tips on how you can check the timing of your store. 

Online Store Finder

Through Walmart’s online store locator, you can find the nearest store and check its timing. To use this feature you just have to put in your zip code, postal code, and city. Moreover, it will give you the list of stores and their operation hours. 

Walmart App

Download the Walmart app. After that find the “stores” tab and click on it. Moreover, the app will provide you with all the stores nearby. Click on the store that is feasible for you the most. When you click on the store it will display the timings with it. 

Customer Helpline

If none of the above things works for you then call Walmart’s customer representative. Their customer helpline number is 1-800-WALMART (1-800-925-6278). Customer support will help you with all your queries. Just make sure that you check the store timing as per their location. 

What Services Can be Offered During Customer Support?

The customer desk is open from 8:00 am to 10 p.m. During this time customers can avail of services including returns, exchanges, product reviews, and payment methods. 

Return and Exchange of Product

Walmart allows its customers to have a hassle-free return and exchange of products for free. One can avail of the service within the mentioned period. Moreover, customers can exchange the product through e-mail or by walking into the store.

Payment Methods  

A customer at Walmart can pay their bill through MoneyGram and Western Union. Other than that customers are allowed to pay utility bills, credit card bills, and other bills at the customer service desk. Also, it allows you to transfer money transferring and cash checks. Customers are allowed to cash checks up to $5,000. 

Product Review

If you are looking for a product but are confused about its reviews, quality, and other information Walmart customer support is ready to help. Moreover, every product comes with a warranty. 

What are the Reasons for Customer Support Different Timing?

Walmart’s customer service is different for every store. Moreover, here are some more reasons that affect the availability of stores. 

Different Locations

The most common reason for Walmart’s customer service operation is its location. Every store has its timing depending on the location of the store. So, before going into any store check their official timings through their app or online website. 


All over the year, Walmart customer service is available but through different means and timing. Moreover, they have a schedule for every holiday week. You can also call on the helpline number and ask for customer service. 

Special Occasion

On special events like black Friday or Christmas, there are extended timings for customer services. Moreover, it is better to check your nearest store timing on call or through the website to be double sure. 

Alternate for Walmart Customer Service

Walmart provides you with several customer service options for your help and assistance. Moreover, here are some options that you can avail of. 

Walmart Mobile App

Through the Walmart app, you can track your orders, and history, and make exchanges plus returns. You can also use the scan tool to check the prices of items and to pay bills.

Automated Shipment

Walmart provides automated phone system shipments. You can track and check where is your order currently. 


In some stores of Walmart, you can find kiosks. Yes! The self-service stations. Choose your selected item, pay for it, and if it is available you will receive it at the moment else it will be delivered to your place. 


What time does Walmart customer service close? Most of the Walmart store closes their customer services at 10 p.m. The operating hours of Walmart are 8:00 am to 10 p.m. however, most of the timings of stores depend on their location. Apart from this if you have an emergency and you want quick service call on helpline number or email them. 

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Is there a 24 hour Walmart customer service number in California?

You can email them or call at 1-800-925-6278. 

What does customer service do in Walmart?

Customer services help you with exchange, return, product assistance, and resolving other issues of the customer. 

How do I write a complaint to Walmart?

  • Email Addresses. Customer Service: service@walmartcontacts.com
  • Contact: 614-534-1996
  • Sales and Questions: service@walmartcontacts.com

How do I email Walmart help?

Email at help@walmart.com in case of any issues or queries. 

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