• July 21, 2024
Introducing the Production of Suzuki Flying Cars

Sky Drive Inc., in collaboration with Suzuki Flying Cars, has started manufacturing flying cars. Moreover, the plant is in Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. It can produce 100 eVTOL flying cars in a year.

eVTOL means Electic Vertical Take-off and Landing. Are you excited to look at Suzuki flying cars? The deal between Sky Drive Inc. and Suzuki Motors was signed in 2023.

Furthermore, the cars are fully automatic and use different types of Mobility. Advanced Air Mobility and Urban Air Mobility. In this article, we will talk about eVTOL and the launch of flying cars in India. 

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What is eVTOL Suzuki Flying Cars? 

eVTOL is an electric drone that works like a helicopter. It can land and take off in the vertical direction. However, the aim of launching this three-seater drone was to provide service as an Air Taxi shortly. 

Due to excessive traffic and rush everyone wants to jump and reach their destination. This is only possible when you can fly. Before Suzuki flying cars there was PAL-V-Liberty the first flying car that got on sale for 3.52 crore approximately. 

Following the footsteps came forward Hyundai the Korean car maker which set to launch flying cars in 2028. All these cars follow the eVTOL rule.

Just the main difference occurs in sitting capacity. Nitra-based Klein Vision launched an aircar in 2022 which has a sitting space for two passengers. The flying speed of the car is 190kph over 8,000 ft altitude. 

The eVTOL First Flying Test in Gujrat 2027

The very first company to invent flying cars and drones is Skydrive a Japanese company in Toyota City. in 2018, they launched their first drone which is now part of mountainous areas in Japan. Moreover, in another invention, they built a two-seater electric car back in 2018.  

In 2022 Sky Drive and Suzuki joined hands in testing the prototype of Suzuki flying cars in India. Moreover, it will help to develop the market and increase production and business.

Not just this but the invention was showcased in Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2024. In 2027 according to the agreement with the Department of Science and Technology, an eVTOL will be tested in Gujrat.

Also, a Japanese company has joined hands with Cyient an Indian car manufacturer to help them with technological stuff to make their flying cars manufactured in India. 


Suzuki Flying Cars will be launched very soon in collaboration with Sky Drive Inc. A company that first started making drones and flying cars in 2018.

Moreover, their drones are used in mountainous areas in Japan. The manufacturing plant in Shizuoka can manufacture 100 electric vertical vehicles through eVTOL technology. In eVTOL technology the drone works as a helicopter having the ability to take off and land. 


Which is the first production flying car?

It was the PAL-V Liberty autogyro that was launched at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2018. Moreover, in 2021 it was scheduled for a flying test in Gujrat. 

What country made flying cars?

A Chinese firm is working behind the strategy by purchasing BMW-powered flying cars that were successfully tested in Europe. 

What company is working on flying cars?

Boeing invested $450 in Wisk a company making flying cars in 2022. By 2030 they believe that they will be able to launch the first flying car. 

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