• May 16, 2024
Ferrari First EV Won't be Silent and Will Come With its Iconic Sound

The Italian company CEO Benedetto Vigna revealed in a promising statement that the Ferrari First EV will be launched in the last quarter of 2025. Moreover, they are starting a new production site in July in Maranello Italy. Furthermore, they aim to manufacture electric motors and power inverters. 

In 2026 Ferrari will launch their electric and hybrid cars which will be high-performance and will run as fast as electric supercars. Talking to CNBC Vigna revealed about the new Ferrari EV saying that:

“Each Ferrari we make is unique. When we do a Ferrari, we look at the performance, the design, the driving traits and the sustainability,” 

Asking about the iconic sound of the first Ferrari EV. 

“If you know the technology, you know you can do a lot of things also with electric cars,” 

“When we talk about luxury cars like our cars, we are talking about the emotion that we are able to deliver to our client, so we are not talking about functional cars like other EVs that you see on the road,”

Ferrari fans are eager to see the new electric car with its exciting sound that will create a charm wherever the car will pass through. 

The excited CEO of Ferrari Vigna revealed that buyers will experience an innovation of technology with seamless driving. 

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“We have no doubt, honestly, that we can deliver a unique experience to our client because we can harness the technology in a unique way. That’s what our company has been doing since the beginning.”

The Iconic Sound of the Ferrari First EV 

The new generation wants that buzz sound, speed, and thrill driving experience whenever looking at the cars. One of the newest cars that is in demand nowadays is the Ferrari First EV. 

 “That will stir emotions and rival that famously produced by its combustion engines.”

Talking about the profit of the new Ferrari launch the company revealed that sales have jumped up to 59% in 2023. Moreover, they earned $1.08 billion which broke all the records of last year’s annual net profit. 

“While we continue to consider the company one of the highest-quality names in the auto industry, with industry-leading gross margins (~50% in 2023), unparalleled pricing power, and a strong backlog due to the global strength of its luxury brand, the stock’s current valuation now appears to reflect these positives,”

Garrett Nelson Senior Equity Analyst


Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna has announced the launch of the new Ferrari First EV in the final quarter of 2025. Moreover, the car will be fully electric manufactured.

Not only this in June the company is starting a new manufacturing plant in Maranello Italy. In 2026, the company will be manufacturing 60% of electric and hybrid cars. 


Why are electric engines silent?

Because there is no combustion to generate power most of the electric vehicles are quieter. 

Do electric cars have cooling fans?

All vehicles have a cooling fan in their system. Moreover, the cars also include fans which use internal combustion engines. 

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