• June 20, 2024
What is Tome AI – Creative Tool for Innovative Presentations?

Tome AI is a user-friendly, AI-powered tool designed for effortless storytelling. Furthermore, used the rapid creation of captivating presentations. With Tome, users can craft visually impressive presentations in just minutes.

 The platform leverages the capabilities of ChatGPT and DALL-E in the background. Moreover, integrating AI-generated images and videos to enhance the overall quality of your stories. This results in polished, professional-looking digital content.

Tome facilitates the efficient creation of captivating slides for business presentations, educational materials, or personal projects. Serving as a creative catalyst, Tome AI suggests outlines and layouts to help users articulate their concepts.

How Tome AI Works

Tome provides a straightforward text box for users to describe their desired presentation. The platform offers various formatting options.

Furthermore, populates slides with AI-generated text and images. Users can then customize the content further by adding their text and images.

In the updated process, Tome AI allows multiple stages of human intervention. Furthermore, including proposing outlines for each page, enabling users to modify topics before generating slides. Moreover, providing a choice of four layout options on a page-by-page basis.

“The whole point of this is that you can iterate step-by-step with the LLM,” Peiris says.


Tome offers free personal use with a limit of 500 AI instructions (compute credits) before encountering a paywall. For unlimited AI usage, a subscription is available at $10 per month or $96 per year.


  • 1. Generates slides, mood boards, and more via users’ prompts
  • 2. Image generator according to your text
  • 3. Interactive elements (3D and animation, videos, analytics, social media)
  • 4. Responsive layouts and themes
  • 5. Interactive embeds through integrations
  • 6. Immersive, mobile-friendly experiences
  • 7. Wide array of templates

How to Create Tome AI Account

  • 1. Open Google Chrome and go to https://tome.app/.
  • 2. To sign in, please click on the “Sign In” button located at the top right corner of the screen.
  • 3. Choose “Sign in with Google” from the available sign-in options.
  • 4. On the next page, establish your profile by selecting a username and role. Click “Next.”
  • 5. Create your workspace on the subsequent page by providing a Workspace Name and clicking “Continue to Workspace.”
  • 6. It offers two plans: Basic (free) and Pro ($8 per month).
  • 7. Opt for the Basic plan and click “Continue.”

Upon completion, you’ll land on the Tome AI homepage. You’ll receive 500 free AI credits, displayed in the bottom left corner, which can be utilized for crafting presentations, stories, or outlines.

How to Use Tome AI

  • 1. Click the “Create” button located in the top right corner of the Tome AI homepage.
  • 2. On the next page, choose “Create Presentation about.”
  • 3. Enter the topic for your presentation.
  • 4. Click “Continue” if satisfied with the generated outline or return to “Create Presentation” to retry the prompt.
  • 5. Allow a few minutes for text and images to be generated.
  • 6. Once complete, the presentation with 8 slides on the topic “Mental Health and its Importance” will appear on your screen.
  • 7. Review the generated text and images.
  • 8. Make modifications by clicking the + Plus icon on the presentation page and selecting the option to update text or images.
  • 9. Generate images by providing a specific prompt.
  • 10. Choose the most suitable image from the generated options.
  • 11. Delete the original image by right-clicking and selecting “Delete.”
  • 12. Copy the newly created image.
  • 13. Paste the new image in place of the original image in your presentation.
  • 14. Edit text, headings, and slide theme colors using the + Plus icon and selecting the theme option.
  • 15. Add pages to your presentation by clicking the + Plus icon at the bottom of your slides.
  • 16. Make additional changes as needed.
  • 17. Click the play button in the top right corner to preview your modified presentation.


What is Tome used for?

Tome is an effortless storytelling and presentation creation with AI-generated visuals for polished, professional content.

Is Tome safe to use?

Following some assessment, it can be affirmed that Tome is a reliable and secure platform for building presentations.

Is Tome free or paid?

You have to buy a subscription plan.

How do you create a presentation in Tome?

Access Tome, select “Create” in the upper right corner, then navigate to the command bar at the bottom of your workspace. To begin creating a new page, please select the “Create page about…” option. Enter a prompt in the command bar, allowing flexibility from broad to specific details.

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