• June 20, 2024
Imgsed: Use Instagram Account Anonymously

Imgsed is a digital platform that can help you scroll Instagram anonymously. Moreover, it is the fastest-growing social media platform right now. Furthermore, their aim is security and privacy that is protected by taking care of their data and information.

The good thing is you can view, post, and download any data without logging into your account. It is different from the usual Instagram because you can download, and view posts, stories, and reels of a public account.

Moreover, you do not need to sign in from the official account. Imginn bypasses all the restrictions that are caused by Instagram. Imgsed help in addressing concerns such as data-tracking, user profiling, and lower online presence. Let’s look into its features now. 

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Features of Imgsed

Why Imgsed is better than the usual Instagram? Let’s find out through its features.

Browse Anonymously

While using your identity is kept hidden every time you use the platform. Moreover, if you are stalking someone or checking out someone’s profile nobody is going to know about it. 

Download Posts and Stories

You can view anyone’s story or post and download them on your device. However, these features are restricted to public accounts only. 

View Public Accounts

If you are using Imginn also known as Imgsed you can view any public account whether it’s a celebrity or a random person. Moreover, the platform allows you to download stories, reels, and posts. 

Easy User Interface

Nothing hard and fast rule to using the platform just enter your email once and you can then use the platform with ease like you use Instagram. 

Next up, we have the steps on how to download any story, post, or reel from Imginn. 

How to Download Content from Imgsed? 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can download any post, picture, or story from the platform.

  1. Go on the official website of Imgsed.
  2. A home page will appear. 
  3. It will ask you to enter a username.
  4. You can now search, view, download, and scroll the platform easily.
  5. If you want to download content copy the link.
  6. Go to the homepage locate the Instagram video downloader and copy the link.
  7. Now you can download it on your phone. 

Everything is accessible through one click and requires no tutorial. Moreover, you can find the platform online and in the app store. You have access in both ways. 

Difference Between Instagram and Imgsed

If you are thinking that both the apps are the same this is not the case. You can have anonymous browsing in Imginn but not in your official Instagram account. Likewise, you can download posts and stories in Imgsed but not in the Instagram account. Moreover, you can save any content on your phone directly.

Talking about Instagram gives you the option to like, comment, save within the app, and share option with your friends which is not available in Imginn. 


Imgsed is a platform where you can use your Instagram account anonymously. It is best for people who enjoy using Instagram without any login activity and can browse without any restrictions.

Moreover, you can download any post, reels, stories, and other content from Imginn without getting caught. However, all these features are accessible only for the public accounts.

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What is imgsed?

A platform that gives you access to browse all the features of Instagram without logging in. 

Is Imginn anonymous?

Yes! Whenever you visit a profile using Imginn the user will not be revealed and nobody will know that you visited that profile. 

Do anonymous Instagram story viewers work?

Yes! If you are looking at a story from your identity will not be revealed. 

How to watch insta stories anonymously?

You can use imginn, third party apps, VPN, and airplane mode tricks to view stories anonymously. 

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