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Moon Soulmates | Trend, Meaning & Phases. 

Many of you believe in astrology and are interested in watching your horoscope regularly. Similarly, the Moon Soulmates phase is a new trend to check your personality and compatibility with your partner. It is a viral trend on TikTok to know moon phase soulmates. 

Here, we are unfolding the trend by looking at it in detail. If you are curious to know about the Moon Soulmates phases and want to apply with your partner then read below. Hence, you will know what is moon phase soulmates, how they work, and their purpose. 

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What Is It To Know About Moon Soulmates Trend?

The viral moment on social media Moon Soulmates shares the idea of a ‘natal moon phase’. It means that the phase of the mean at the time of your birth. It can have an impact on your compatibility and personality with your partner. If you and your partners are moon soulmates that means you have higher compatibility chances. 

Moreover, your emotional understanding and temperaments of a couple can be read from the Moon phase. Many are using different editing apps and websites to frame a couple of moon phase pictures. 

There is a contradiction in the prediction of moon phases. Few people think that if there is a full moon then it’s the perfect match. Whereas, some of you assume that the same moon phase is important for soulmates. It can either be a waxing, crescent, or a waning gibbous, first quarter or last quarter. 

Thus, there is more to this trend rather than interpretations. There is another way of looking at the Moon soulmates phases which will be discussed below. 

How To Find Your Moon Soulmates? 

You are eager to know what your and your partner’s phase is. Well for that, you will first have to figure out the phase of the moon in which you and your partner were born. Also, don’t consider the idea that if there is a full moon only then you are soulmates. 

The following list shows what is the meaning of different moon soulmates phases.

New Moon

If you are born at a new moon then most likely you will have a spontaneous self. Also, you are there to follow your impulses more. Besides, you will love adventures and be full of spirit and soul to live and a little of being naïve. Still, you must be aware of ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’. 

Waxing Crescent Moon

If you or your partner are born in a waxing crescent moon then you are traditional and loyal people. Whereas you have a caring and creative nature. Yet, people will tend to find you supportive just like a ‘jack of all trades’. However, you need to learn how to take a stand for yourself. 

First Quarter Moon 

You are an influencer or a change maker for the world if you are born in the first quarter moon. Further, you look for opportunities for betterment with intelligence and intuitiveness. Besides, you have a long-term plan to work under high pressure. 

Waxing Gibbous Moon

Being born in a waxing gibbous moon makes you a passionate and purposeful person. Also, you are a hard-working and meaningful person to live. Even, though you may take traditional methods to work you do it in every possible way. 

Full Moon

Full moon born is confident, expressive, and nurturing. Moreover, you are a successful human because you can tend to manifest on your own. However, you may look materialistic by attracting dramas of life. 

Waning Gibbous Moon

You are an old-school soul if you are born in a waning gibbous moon. As you don’t care much about what people think. Yet, you keep yourself away from unnecessary drama of people.

Last Quarter Moon

The last quarter moon born is a unique person. You will attract your partner’s heart. Therefore, you tend to keep yourself away from prioritizing a high-hope relationship in love. It included making you look an avant-garde and a bit creative person. 

Waning Crescent (Balsamic) Moon 

Just like its name, if you are born in this phase then it means you are living a bit out of the world. Still, you are with great wisdom with reluctance and sad life engagements. So, you can stay in simple life pleasures.

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Which Moon Phases Can Tell About Your Soulmates? 

It is difficult to classify which moon soulmates phase can get you the perfect partner. However, there are a few categories in which you can check if you and your partner fall. This includes:


(Zero degrees apart, in the same moon sign)

This means that the couple will have an inherited understanding factor and will have unity in the relationship. 


(30 degrees or 150 degrees apart and 1 or 5 signs away from each other)

If you are in the aversion phase, there will be tension in the relationship. At the start, it will go easy and smooth but later on there will be difficulties. 


(60 degrees apart or 2 signs away from each other)

There is a major chance that you and your partner will have companionship when working together. Also, you will have easy hangouts. 


(90 degrees apart or 3 signs away from each other)

As a couple, you will succeed if you both are on each other side. Though, you both will feel competitive towards each other. But there is a lot of room for growth together. 


(120 degrees apart of 4 signs away from each other)

In this phase, partners may find the relationship going smoothly. However, you will have to keep the spark alive. Yet, you and your partner will fall on the same wavelength. 


(180 degrees apart or in opposite signs, 6 signs away from each other)

You will be poles apart from each other in this phase. Hence, it applies that the opposite attracts so you will be attracted to your partner. For that, try to compromise to create a balance. If not, then your life will be miserable in that relationship. 


Moon Soulmates phases are the new trend for couples who want to know about the perfect match. However, these results do not mean you will have to keep that partner forever. All you have to do is enjoy the results. 

Hence, Moon phases are new in the market so it will take time for people to absorb its mechanism. Whereas, no such study says that you cannot love someone of your choice. Alongside, there is no such information shared where one has to sacrifice their love for Moon Phase soulmates. 

Did you like the information shared above? Then, do leave a comment and let us know about other such ideas. 

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Which moons are soulmates?

A full Moon shows that you are a perfect partner. However, it’s not something to rely on and leave somebody you love. 

How to do the moon soulmates test?

For that open the TikTok app. Then, search for the Moon phase test effect. Later, you can use that effect to know about your partner. 

What is the moon trend couple?

If the compatibility and personality of a person is to match, then the couple should have a full moon. Only in that case, you will be able to move forward in a relationship. 

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