• June 20, 2024
How to View Instagram Anonymously through Pickuki?

Do you love to stalk people anonymously or keep an eye on your boyfriend without knowing? Then you must try using Picuki which is mispronounced as Pickuki.

Moreover, people want to check other’s Instagram stories and videos without letting them know. So, use this platform and leave no trace. 

It differs from Instagram as in Insta you need to log in to the account but in Pickuki you have to enter your email once and start using the platform. It has all the same features as Insta.

It allows you to view, download, and edit the content without the user knowing. Moreover, downloading photos and videos is legal and permissible. In this article, we will talk about the Picuki digital website, its features, how to download videos/photos, and alternatives. 

Imgsed: Use Instagram Account Anonymously

What is the Pickuki Platform?

Pickuki which is correctly known as Picuki allows users to complete access to Instagram features where they have an advanced facility for downloading photos and videos. Moreover, you don’t need an account to use the platform. Furthermore, you can even use hashtags to find photos or posts and read comments on them. 

What are the Features of the Pickuki Website?

No website is acclaimed better than others unless they have particular features that will attract the user. The same is the case with the Picuki website. Here are some features that make it shine more than other platforms. 

Edit & Download the Content

The Pickuki website allows you to edit tools and download features. You can download the pictures and videos to use them as your own after editing. 

User-Friendly Interface

Using Picuki is very simple and easy you just have to visit the website. On the home page, it will ask you to enter the username of the person you want to search. 

View Instagram Photos & Videos 

You can easily view photos and videos on Instagram without having an account. Moreover, you can also view the likes and comments on particular posts. Furthermore, there is no restriction on anything.

Saving Instagram Content on Phone

If you like a photo or video on Instagram you find it difficult to download it or you have to take a screenshot. However, on the Pickuki platform, you can easily download any celebrity photo or aesthetic photo onto your phone. 

If you do not know how to download the Instagram content here is how you can do it. 

How to Download Photos & Videos through Picuki? 

Only two easy steps and you can download any photo and video from Instagram onto your device. Copy the URL of a photo or video and find the download option on the above right side of the homepage. Paste that URL and it will download the particular content to your phone. 

How Does Pickuki Work? 

You can use Picuki on the web or through the app. However, the app is available only in the Google Play Store. After opening the Picuki.com website on the home page you will see an empty bar asking you to enter the username. Moreover, if you do not know their username you can find the content through hashtags. 

Furthermore, you don’t have the option to like or comment but you can see how many people have reacted and commented on the photos and the video. In the editing option, you can put filters on the photos, crop them, and much more. 

Does Picuki Allow to See Private Instagram Account?

Viewing private accounts on Pickuki is not accessible only accounts that are public can be visible. Moreover, you can not even download, view, or access any features on a private account. 

What are the Alternatives of Picuki? 

If you are not satisfied with Pickuki you can use these alternatives. Moreover, sometimes it may show some error or network restrictions so try using these apps.


SmiHub also known as StoriesIG is a platform that allows you to use Instagram features for free. Moreover, you can download any photos and videos easily. Just enter the username or hashtag and find your desired content. It provides you with two tabs one for viewing and the other for downloading. 


You do not need to log in to use the application. Moreover, search people by just entering usernames or hashtags. When you view the profile the user won’t be notified you can’t view, edit, and download the photos and videos anonymously. 


Another alternative to Pickuki is InstaDP which is also safe and legal to use. Moreover, you can anonymously view and download the photos and videos. 


In Gramhir you cannot comment, like, or follow a person’s Instagram account. However, you can view it. Apart from this, it helps you to know about your competitor’s analytics and views. Gramhir can be used as a good marketing tool to know about others’ views and inside statistics. 


Pickuki which is correctly known as Picuki a platform that allows users to view Instagram accounts anonymously. Moreover, there is no need to have an account just visit the website, enter username or hashtag, and you can view the profile without any restrictions. 

Furthermore, you can download and edit different pictures. It also gives you an option to download a particular content by copying the URL and pasting it into the download tab. It will automatically download the photo or video to your phone. 

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What is the Picuki used for?

Picuki is an online website that allows you access to all the Instagram features including viewing, editing, downloading, and saving photos and videos. Moreover, you can find the app on Google Play Store. 

Can you see who uses Picuki?

No! Nobody can find this out as it’s an anonymous platform. You view or download anything nobody can get to see or know. 

Can you see stories on Picuki?

Yes! You can view Instagram stories on Picuki but only for the public accounts. The private accounts don’t have access to this feature. 

What is picuki quora?

It is the same as Picuki it allows the user to download, view, and edit videos/photos anonymously.

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