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Stephen McDaniel - A Brutal Killer who Dissected His Classmate

Born in 1989, Stephen McDaniel is from Lilburn, Georgia. He gained notoriety for being the prime suspect in the murder case of Lauren Giddings. She was a law student at Mercer University. The tragic incident occurred in Macon on June 26, 2011.

Furthermore, McDaniel was a former student at the same law school. He ultimately stood trial and was convicted of the heinous crime. He was accepting his reputation as the killer of Lauren Giddings.

On the morning of June 26, 2011, he entered the room of Lauren Giddings. Stephen McDaniel got found guilty of strangling and dismembering Lauren. Consequently, disposing of her body parts in trash cans throughout Macon, Georgia.

This article is focused on providing information about Stephen McDaniel. Furthermore, including details about his life, notorious crime, and subsequent conviction.

Stephen McDaniel Quick Facts

Full nameStephen Mark McDaniel
NicknameStephen McDaniel
ProfessionLaw Clerk
Birth Year1989
BirthplaceLilburn, Georgia, US
Age31 years
ParentsMark McDaniel and Glenda McDaniel
Siblings1 Brother and 4 Sisters
SchoolLocal High School in Lilburn
Highest EducationLaw Graduate
Alma MaterMercer University, Walter F .George
Height5’ 10’’
Weight70 Kg
Body Measurements40-28-36
Skin colorWhite
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBlonde
Hair typeCurly
Body typeLean

Stephen McDaniel Early Life

Born in 1989, Stephen McDaniel is originally from Lilburn, Georgia. His parents frequently faced financial difficulties. Furthermore, working long hours in a factory to provide for their family. Despite their efforts, Stephen lacked interest in his studies and frequently skipped classes.

Compounding the issue, he also exhibited bullying toward his peers, especially women. After graduating from high school, Stephen even wrote a blog post promoting the torture and violence of women.

He enrolled at the Georgia Institute of Technology, from which he obtained a degree in electrical engineering. After working in the field for a few years, he pursued a law degree. Additionally, he enrolled at Mercer University’s Walter F. George School of Law in Macont.

It has been reported that Stephen asked Lauren out on a date. However, Lauren turned down Stephen’s request for a date. She was already in a dedicated relationship with another person. Despite this, Stephen continued to pursue her for a week. However, Lauren disappeared and could not be found.

Personal Life

Stephen’s descent into a life of crime began with his romantic interest in his neighbor. It was her fellow law student, Lauren Giddings. He had developed feelings for her and wanted to date her. However, she turned him down as she was already in a committed relationship with David Vandiver. As a result, Stephen became increasingly unstable.

He eventually obtained a master key to all the apartments in the building. He had stolen it from a storeroom. Four days after the murder, Stephen McDaniel wrote a document confessing breaking into Lauren’s apartment. He was wearing a mask and gloves, using the stolen master key.

He then proceeded to strangle her to death. These disturbing details showcase the depth of Stephen’s disturbing and dangerous mindset. After murdering Lauren Giddings, Stephen McDaniel dismembered her body in her bathroom.

Consequently, her remains were disposed of in a trashcan on the ground floor of their apartment building. Following the murder, he became increasingly erratic and paranoid. Additionally, avoid contact with others as much as possible.

A local news TV channel eventually interviewed Stephen before his arrest. During the interview, he appeared evasive and tried to dodge the interviewer’s questions. Likewise, due to his knowledge that he was a prime suspect in the murder investigation.

Interesting Facts

  • • During a TV interview, Stephen McDaniel appeared uneasy and said his classmate “needed to sit down.”
  • • When police searched Stephen’s room, he became visibly unhinged, sweating profusely and drinking 10 bottles of water.
  • • Police discovered Lauren Giddings’ torso in a building trashcan shortly after searching Stephen’s room.
  • • In an initial interrogation, he did not disclose any information, but police later found a hacksaw used to dismember her body and master keys to the building’s rooms in McDaniel’s apartment.
  • • Several blog posts were found in which he described torturing and committing violence against women.
  • • Stephen confessed to the murder of Lauren Giddings and pleaded guilty on April 21, 2012. Thus, Stephen was sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • • Lauren Gidding’s killer is incarcerated at Valdosta State Prison and is expected to remain there for the rest of his life.
  • • Floyd Buford Jr., McDaniel’s defense attorney, stated that the Giddings family filed a civil case seeking $5 million in damages.
  • • McDaniel is not eligible for parole until 2041 and is unlikely to ever be released.

Arrest, Trial, and Conviction

Stephen McDaniel was arrested on June 21, 2012. He was caught on camera breaking into Lauren Giddings’ apartment. Forensic evidence, including DNA on Giddings’ body, linked him to the crime.

However, the killer celebrity McDaniel eventually confessed to the murder. Furthermore, he stated that he had strangled Giddings in her apartment. And then dismembered her body in an attempt to cover up the crime. The case against McDaniel was mainly built on circumstantial evidence.

However, the jury ultimately found him guilty of malice murder, felony murder, and other charges in 2014. He was jailed with a life sentence with no possibility of parole. Furthermore, his conviction was affirmed on appeal in 2017.

Inside Stephen’s House

Following his arrest, investigators thoroughly searched Stephen McDaniel’s apartment. He led to the discovery of several items linking him to the crime. These included packaging for a hacksaw, a pair of underwear containing the DNA of his classmate Lauren Giddings, and multiple flash drives containing pornographic images of children.

Further investigation in the apartment complex’s laundry room revealed a hacksaw matching the packaging found in McDaniel’s apartment. The investigators also recovered a bloody sheet. Tests confirmed that the blood on the sheet belonged to Giddings.

As a result of this evidence, on August 2, 2011, McDaniel was charged with the murder of Lauren Giddings. Subsequently, he faced seven charges of child sexual exploitation.


The murder of Lauren Giddings by Stephen McDaniel was shocking and tragic. It left a lasting impact on the Macon community and beyond. While McDaniel is now serving a life sentence for his crimes.

The memory of his heinous actions will never be forgotten. Moreover, the case serves as a reminder of dangerous behavior before it escalates to violence. The murder of Lauren Giddings and the subsequent trial and conviction of Stephen profoundly impacted the Macon community.

It was a stark reminder of the dangers of stalking and domestic violence. It furthermore highlighted the need for increased awareness and prevention efforts. The case also brought attention to the issue of mental illness and its role in violent crimes.


What happened with Stephen McDaniel?

Stephen admitted to killing fellow Mercer Law student Lauren Giddings in 2011. However, he is now trying to retract his guilty plea almost nine years later.

Did they ever find Lauren Giddings?

Investigators found evidence linking Stephen to the crime, including the hacksaw used to dismember the body. Giddings’ other remains were not found.

What evidence was found against Stephen?

District Attorney David Cooke stated that McDaniel confessed to choking Giddings in her sleep. Furthermore, disposing of parts of her body were in a dumpster at Mercer Law School. The evidence included a hacksaw with McDaniel’s DNA found in the apartment complex.

When did Stephen get caught?

On June 30, 2011, Stephen Mark McDaniel was charged with burglary for stealing condoms from his neighbors’ apartments. He was caught at his residence in Macon, Georgia, using a master key to gain entry.

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