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Shiho Yoshimura | Background, Education, Volleyball & Acting 

Shiho Yoshimura belongs to a Japanese volleyball team. Surely, she is a star in her game as she has won several awards. Moreover, you will be amused to know that Shiho works in dramas as well. Due to having charming looks and personality Yoshimura worked in a drama. Further, she got a lot of appreciation and praise for her work in the entertainment industry. 

Are you wondering where Shiho Yoshimura is? After retirement in 2016, the famous athlete of volleyball escaped. Even she had an athletic family background. Shiho got inspiration from her older sister when she was in third standard. However, there are no clues to her existence. 

After receiving the spotlight in V League Premier, Yoshimura was able to get numerous awards and prizes. And all that credit goes to her fine abilities of playing volleyball. 

But if you want to know more about Shiho Yoshimura’s life, background, career, and drama debut then continue to read below. 

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Shiho Yoshimura Profile 

Full Name Shiho Yoshimura
Gender Female 
Date of Birth 13 December 1989 
Age 33 years 
Place of Birth Isehara, Kanagawa, JApan
Nationality Japanese 
Ethnicity Asian 
Height 5’-5”
Weight 68 kg
Hair color Black 
Eyes Color Dark Brown 
Martial Status Single 
Siblings Older sister 
Education Kawasaki Tachibana High School & Tokai University 
Profession Volleyball player / Actor

What Is The Background Of Shiho Yoshimura?

You have seen by now that Shiho Yoshimura is the most beautiful player in the history of Volleyball games. She got popular due to her mind-blowing game strategies and gorgeous looks. Besides, this beauty was born on 13 December 1989. As of 2024, she turned 33 years 2 months back. 

The player was born in Kanagawa Japan. As it was her native land she was raised on her land. Due to its rich culture and background, Shiho belongs to the Japanese ancestry. 

As mentioned above, Yoshimura has an athletic family background. Both her parents were sports players. You read it right that the exceptional sports qualities of Yoshimura came in her genes.

Her mother was a professional volleyball player. Whereas her father was a popular soccer player. Besides that, Shiho’s older sister was a sports player too. Due to this she got inspired and started playing at a very young age. 

What Is The Education Of Yoshimura?

Shiho was a student who had beauty with brains. You will be happy to know that she was equally good in her studies as in her volleyball practices. Along with that, Yoshimura used to participate in extracurricular activities. It includes dramatics, dancing, and content writing.

Although, Shiho Yoshimura chose to be a volleyball player because of her sister. Her sister was an excellent player in her school team. And that inspired Yoshimura to pursue volleyball sports.

After finishing elementary school in her native town. In 2004, Shiho went to Kawasaki Tachibana High School. This was the time when she started to play in the school team. Furthermore, it set her foot in the sports profession.

Yet, Shiho played her first tournament right after high school. Thus, she completed her studies in 2008 and went to Tokai University in 2012. Where she got her graduation degree.

How Did Yoshimura Start Her Career In Volleyball?

In 2007, Shiho started her career as a professional volleyball player. At that time, she was in high school. However, she was able to participate in the Saga Inter-High League. Her team played exceptionally. Also, they were in the final round.

During her pursuit of her career, Shiho Yoshimura did not leave her studies. She completed her graduation from Tokai University. Later, Yoshimura commenced the championship for Akari Omi. But it didn’t turn out well for her and the team.

After losing Shiho joined the Kanama Yamaguchi team. There she was the second runner-up for her performance. 2011 turned out to be a great year for her career. Because in the first half of the year, she got 26 representatives from the Summer Universiade. In the second half, Shiho won the best scorer in the All Japanese Incare competition.

Moreover, she rose to prominence in V League Premier after joining the Ageo Medics team. In 2013, the team was ranked as the best team in the league. Thus, Shiho Yoshi got retired after three years. That was in 2016. Also, we weren’t able to see her after the retirement.

How Did Yoshimura Started Acting?

You have learned that Shiho also used to participate in extracurricular activities. Similarly, one thing she was good at along with sports was dramatics. Shiho Yoshimura participated in several dramas while she was in school. 

So, her participation paid off. And in 2019, Shiho starred in a drama named “Shima no Sea Glass”. It was a successful hit. Being an attractive face and with good acting skills, her drama was a success. The director of the movie won the Asia Best Short Film Award in Short Film Festival awards. 

What Is Shiho’s Life After Retirement?

Shiho Yoshimura got recognition after her career began in volleyball and dramas. She reached 434k followers on her Instagram account. However, nobody knows where she is now. She has kept her life personal after retirement.

Many people say that she might be teaching in a volleyball academy. Where Shiho teaches volleyball to children. But it is not official.


Shiho Yoshimura made herself famous after playing volleyball and winning numerous awards for her exceptional games. Moreover, she didn’t work in sports only but tried working as an actor too. In 2016, Yoshimura got retired from the volleyball team. 

Further, she was cast in a drama which was on-air in 2019. Shiho rose to fame from her hard work and consistency. Due to her attractive features and playing skills, Yoshimura stayed in the spotlight for many years. 

Therefore, if you want to know about any other players then feel free to tell us in the comments. Also, do share your feedback with us. 


Does Shiho Yoshimura have an Instagram account?

Yes, Shiho has an Instagram account. She had 434k followers when she was playing on the field. But lately she is not much active. 

How tall is Shiho Yoshi?

According to the sources, Yoshimura is 5 feet and 5 inches tall. 

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