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Lil Durk Net Worth: Income, Music, Business & Endorsements

Being a popular American rapper, songwriter, and singer, Lil Durk Net Worth is approximately USD 17 million. Moreover, his rise to fame is due to his collaborations with various artists. It includes Future, Logic, Chief Keef, and The Weekend.

Initially, Durk Derrick Banks started rapping for different platforms. He got massive views on his YouTube and Myspace account. Thus, the hit mixtape rap ‘“Life Ain’t No Joke’ created hype.

Furthermore, you will be amazed to see that Lil Durk was the founder of a recording company under the name ‘Only The Family’ (OTF). So, his blooming wealth caused many super-hit songs. One of them is in 2013 “Signed to the Streets” collaborated with Def Jam.

Later in 2018, Durk parted ways from the company and joined hands with Alamo Records. This company gave him a break when he worked with Kanye West and Drake. In 2020, “Laugh Now Cry Later” was Drake’s single with Durk Derrick. At that time, this rap was nominated for Best Melodic Rap Performance and Best Song at Grammy Awards.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Lil Durk Net Worth in detail, read the article below.

Summary of Lil Durk Net Worth 

Full Name Durk Derrick Banks 
Birth Date 10 October 1992
Gender Male 
Nationality USA
Birth Place Chicago Illinois
Profession Rapper, Singer & Songwriter 
Net Worth $17 million USD
Annual Income $3.4 million 
Monthly Income $150,000 +
Salary per Show $30,000 – $50,000 
Income per Concert $500,000 
Music Royalties $1.8 million per year 
Profit in Business $220,000

What Is Lil Durk Net Worth Growth In 2024?

By 2024, Lil Durk sold approximately 4,060,000 albums in the USA and UK. Altogether, he was able to sell 1,060,000 copies of his hit rap number ‘The Voice.” 

You will be surprised to see Lil Durk net worth which is $17 million in the following. So, keep reading to know the details. 

Luxurious House Expense

Durk Derrick Banks’ house is a 5931-square-foot mansion. It is located in the neighborhood of Upscale Buckhead in Atlanta. This mansion has a huge reflection on Lil Durk Net Worth as it is $595,000 USD. However, he bought this house back in 2019. Thus, this house consists of;

  • ·       6 Bedrooms
  • ·       7 Bathrooms 
  • ·       1 swimming pool 
  • ·       A home theater 
  • ·       Gym 

Expensive Car Collection 

We have seen that celebrities have a richer taste when it comes to buying cars. Hence, Derrick is one of them. He has a very classy yet richest collection of cars. It includes; 

  • Range Rover 
  • Chevrolet 
  • Camaro GT 
  • Ford Mustang 

There are a few more but they are not disclosed. 

What Are The Earning Sources For Lil Durk Net Worth?

You must be thinking that Durk Banks cannot earn this much amount from one source of earning. But we have cracked out his other earning details as well. Are you eager to know then keep scrolling down to know. 

Music Earnings

Lil Durk, two of the popular raps “7220” and “Remember My Name” contributed a lot to his Net Worth. 

App Streaming 

Lil Durk is earning an extensive income from his albums and singles playing on Apple Music and Spotify. Therefore, he is earning millions USD from streaming.

Copyrights of Albums 

You might know about the publishing rights of a song. Here, Durk gets a lot of money from commercials, TV Shows, Movies, and others where his songs and raps are used. 


Being a famous rapper and singer in the USA, Durk has to do a lot of live concerts. Due to this, he charges a handsome amount from the collaborators and sponsors. 

Business Projects 

Records Company

Lil Durk Net worth accelerated in 2011 the most as he started a record label named “Only The Family OTF.” In this company, he could work with Doodie Lo, King Von, and Lil Baby. Hence, he could earn from record label success, sales, and touring contributions. 

OTF Gaming Arena 

One of Lil Durk’s latest adventures was an esports arena in 2021. Also, these esports markets attract a lot of sponsors and partnerships which led to an increase in his income. 

Clothing Brand

Durk Derrick Banks established his own clothing line. It is named “Only The Family Apparel” offers accessories and clothes. Further, this brand has a streetwear style of clothing which shows his personal interest leading to sky soaring sales. 

Business Investments 

Now we know that Lil Durk Net Worth is $17 million because he did not rely on music only. Besides music, he has invested in a lot of the real estate sector and technological growth. 

Endorsements Income

You might understand what endorsement income means. It is an income that a celebrity gets for promoting a specific brand. Similarly, Lil Durk gets a huge amount of money from endorsements from the following.  

  • Nike 
  • Mc Donald’s 
  • Cash App 

What Is the Background of Lil Durk That Made Him Rose To Fame?

Durk Derrick Banks is the real name of Lil Durk. He was born in 1992 on 10 October. Also, Durk was raised in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. Before initiating his career as a popular rapper, Derrick Banks was a part of gang violence and poverty in life. 

Moreover, he had to go to prison because of kept weapons with him. After coming out of the prison he started his journey as a rapper. He used to write lyrics based on personal surroundings, and environment. Because of such an approach, he gathered a lot of attention from the local audience. 

Hence Lil Durk came into the spotlight after hitting two of the best songs “L.O.L.” and “Sneak Dissin.” These two songs created a lot of buzz on online streaming platforms. Thus, leading to his bright and successful future. 


Lil Durk Net Worth touched $17 million USD in 2024 because of his music career and business investments. However, he was raised in poverty and violence before starting his rapping profession. His songwriting skills and rapping performance let him gain a lot of fame in the industry. 

However, Durk Banks did not stop on music only. He started to invest in real estate and in his own clothing and record brands. These businesses led to his net worth of millions. 

Despite being a successful and financially stable musician, he did not forget about his past. Lil Durk actively participated in charities. And he even inaugurated his own foundation named “Durk Care Foundation.” It not only helps the poor but also caters to the young generation that is in gang violence. 

You must be intrigued by knowing about this celebrity. Therefore, if you want more articles on your loveable celebrities then do let us know. We will be more than excited to write for you. Also, if there is anything that can make our articles work best do leave a comment below.  


What is Lil Durk net worth?

From poverty to fame, Lil Durk net worth is around $17 million in 2024. He is a popular American singer, rapper, and songwriter.

Is Lil Durk successful?

Durk Derrick Banks is a successful rapper in history as his song “Laugh Now Cry Later” collaborated with Drake became the number 2 song and touched 100 billboards.

Is Lil Durk Number 1?

In past years, Durk has attained several number 1 spots in music. For example, his “All My Life” hit the No.1 spot on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Song. Also, in 2020-2021 the “Laugh now cry later” with Drake was a six-week hit. Back in 2022, Durk Banks’ own song “Broadway Girls” was at the top for a week.

How many Grammy did Lil Durk win?

Recently, Lil Durk won his first Grammy award on 4 February. It was at the 66th Annual Grammy Award. Hence, he earned the award for “All My Life” as the best melodic rapping performance. Also, it was featuring J. Cole.  

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