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Julianna Farrait – All You Need to Know about Frank Lucas’s Wife

Julianna Farrait also recognized by the name Julie Farrait. She gained notoriety as the wife of Frank Lucas, the infamous drug dealer celebrity. Her life has been marked by a series of arrests related to her involvement in her husband’s illegal activities.

Furthermore, Julianna faced imprisonment due to her association with her husband’s criminal activities. Julianna Farrait, originally from Puerto Rico, immigrated to the United States after her husband’s demise. 

Currently, her status, whether she is alive or not, remains undisclosed. Julianna, who is now 82 years old. Moreover, she is the mother of three biological children with him. Yet, there is limited available information on the internet regarding their offspring. 

On one occasion, she faced legal trouble for allegedly concealing money during a police raid in New Jersey. Julianna found herself behind bars when she was accused of selling cocaine in Puerto Rico. 

Her arrest was a consequence of violating narcotics laws, leading to a 5-year prison sentence. These legal entanglements thrust her into the spotlight. Notably, Julianna’s life served as the inspiration for the character ‘Eva’ in the Oscar-nominated film ‘American Gangster.’

In this article, we will delve deeper into the life aspects of Julianna Farrait and her relations with famous drug dealer Frank Lucas. If you are interested in studying famous drug dealer Pablo Escobar Daughter Manuela Escobar.

Julianna Farrait Quick Facts


Real NameJulianna Farrait
Nick NameJulianna
ProfessionFormer Drug Dealer
Age83 Years Old
Date of Birth1941
BirthplaceSan Juan, Puerto Rico
EthnicityBlack Latina
Current ResidenceTeaneck, New Jersey, United States of America

Physical Stats

Weight60 Kg
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown and White
Shoe Size6 (UK)


ParentsWill Update Later
Marital StatusWidowed
SpouseFrank Lucas
ChildrenFrancine Lucas-Sinclair, Frank Lucas Jr, Ray Lucas


Highest QualificationWill Update Later
SchoolWill Update Later
Alma MaterWill Update Soon


Favorite CelebritiesTom Cruise and Joey King
Holiday DestinationMiami
Favorite ColorBlue
HobbiesTravel and Reading Books
Favorite FoodMexican Dishes

Net Worth

Nick Cannon Net Worth$1.5 Million

Who Is Julianna Farrait?

Julianna Farrait was born in 1941 in Puerto Rico as Julie Farrant. She is currently 82 years old and holds Puerto Rican nationality. Her family background boasts a strong Puerto Rican heritage. 

Julianna received her high school education in Puerto Rico. Furthermore, she held the honor of being crowned Homecoming Queen during her high school prom.

Before meeting her husband, there is limited information available about Julianna’s early life. Her husband, Frank Lucas, once disclosed that she had a modest wardrobe. However, often donned plain and unremarkable attire, lacking the high-end fashion quality. 

“The first time I met Frank, I was completely taken back by his confidence and coolness,” Julie Lucas told the Village Voice in 2007. “He was a very self-assured man, which I found very attractive. And I still do.”

Julianna gained notoriety for her participation in her husband’s illicit enterprise. During a visit to Puerto Rico, Frank and Julianna crossed paths, eventually leading to their marriage in 1967.

“Cute girl, too,” Frank wrote in his autobiography, Original Gangster: The Real-Life Story of One of America’s Most Notorious Drug Lords. “Every time I turned around to check her out, she was smiling at me. I didn’t need any more of a hint.”

Together, they had three children: two sons, Ray and Frank Lucas Jr, and a daughter named Francie Sinclair. In addition to these, Frank fathered four more children outside of wedlock.

Personal Life

Julianna first met her husband, Frank Lucas, during his visit to Puerto Rico. Consequently, their connection led to them starting a romantic relationship. She was drawn to the world of drug trafficking, captivated by the allure of danger.

In 1977, Francine entered the witness protection program along with Lucas. Julianna Farrait faced legal trouble and received a 6-month prison sentence. She was accused of tossing suitcases filled with money out of a bathroom window. 

Furthermore, concealing currency in Francine’s pants in an effort to assist Lucas. After her release, Julianna took Francine to Puerto Rico. When Francine turned nine, she and her family returned to New Jersey after Lucas was released from custody.

However, Lucas once again became involved in drug-related activities. On one occasion, Julianna and Francine went on a trip to Las Vegas. Julianna was aiding Lucas in drug dealings. 

The FBI apprehended Julianna in the act, leading to her arrest and a 4.5-year prison term. Following her release from prison in 1975, Julianna lived separately from her late husband for a period. 

However, they reconciled in 2006. Tragically, Frank passed away in May of the previous year. Since then, Julianna has been residing in New Jersey with her family.


Lucas’s most prized possession was a luxurious floor-length chinchilla coat paired with a matching hat. At a Muhammad Ali boxing match in Atlanta in 1970, Lucas, clad in a suit, observed the attire worn by many moderately successful drug dealers. 

In a bid to display his wealth and influence, he ordered a costly chinchilla coat and a matching hat for Julianna Farrait. However, this striking purchase later led to significant trouble. In the movie ‘American Gangster,’ an alternate narrative was presented.

 It’s believed that the coat came with a price tag of $100,000, while the hat was valued at $25,000. Richard Roberts, Essex County Prosecutor’s Bureau of Narcotics, played a crucial role in Frank Lucas’s arrest in the 1970s. 

Resulting in a 60-year prison sentence for the drug lord. Frank’s decision to cooperate with the government not only led to his incarceration but also established a friendship with Richard.

Julianna Farrait’s Net Worth

Julianna is believed to have an estimated net worth of around $1.5 million. However, this figure stands in stark contrast to the combined net worth of herself and her husband. 

As a result, reached approximately $30 million. However, it’s a reminder that material wealth doesn’t always equate to happiness. The couple had a shared passion for opulent clothing, high-end automobiles, extravagant gifts, and luxurious destinations.

During Julianna Farrait and Frank Lucas’s relationship, he was amassing approximately $1 million daily. Furthermore, contributes to a total net worth of around $52 million. 

Frank Lucas Death

Frank Lucas, who was 88 years old, passed away on May 30, 2019. His nephew Aldwan Lassiter confirmed his death, citing natural causes. She was seen bidding her final farewell at his funeral. 

Survived by four daughters, two sons, numerous grandchildren, great-grandchildren, two sisters, and three brothers, Frank Lucas left a lasting legacy in his family.

In 2010, Julianna Farrait faced charges and received a 5-year prison for attempting to sell two kilograms of cocaine.

In February 2012, she was once again convicted, this time by a Manhattan federal court judge. During her imprisonment, Julianna was 65 years old, and her husband, Frank Lucas, was 81.

She told the court, “I am ashamed that at my age I am standing in front of you. I want to apologize to my husband… My husband is 81 years old, and I would like to spend what time he has with him.”

However, the judge did not grant her request for a more lenient sentence to care for her unwell husband. Instead, the judge encouraged her to make choices that would benefit both herself and her family.


Whatever happened to Frank Lucas’s wife?

Frank Lucas’ spouse, Julie Farrait, received a conviction for her involvement in her husband’s criminal activities and served a five-year prison sentence.

Did Frank Lucas have children?

Yes, they have. However, specific details about his children and their lives are not widely known or publicly available.

Was Frank Lucas’s wife a beauty queen?

She was a beauty queen from Puerto Rico.

Did Frank Lucas have a daughter?

He has four daughters. Betty Lucas, Ruby Lucas, Candace Lucas, and Francine Lucas.

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