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Hailey Zenk an 18-year-old teenager who killed her three friends in a car crash due to over speeding and high on substance.

Hailey Zenk a 17-year-old kid involved in a car crash killing three of her friends and leaving one injured. But how did the car crash happen? The car crashed and hit a tree due to over speeding.

Moreover, the court hearing moved to August 2023 so that the prosecution had much time to build up the case. At the time of hearing in August Zenk, she legally turned 18.

That means she can be charged as an adult. Furthermore, she charged with 5 legal accusations. On 5th February 2023, Hailey Zenk and her friends left a party in their Ford Focus 2008.

However, reaching a little away from the spot the car hit a tree at high speed. This was the last time they were all seen together. In this article, now we discuss how the incident happened, the court hearing, and the deceased parent’s reaction. 

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Hailey Zenk A Teenager Who Killed Three of Her Friends

Zenk belongs to Lincoln County, US. at the time of the accident, she was 17 years old. Moreover, she belongs to American nationality and white ethnicity.

On 5th February 2023 Zenk and her three friends. According to reports she was drunk while she was driving. Around 4 a.m. the car lost control and crashed into a tree at Moscow Mills, Ethington Road. 

William Flickinger, Emily McNees, and Kaeden Tyler were found dead at the moment. One of the passengers Trevor J. Bogert was rushed to nearby Mercy Hospital as he had some life left. Moreover, Hailey Zenk was under house arrest with a GPS tracker on her leg to look after her every moment until the trial.

After waiting a long time, the Lincoln judge finally decided that the case would be executed as an adult under state law and not under the juvenile prosecution status.

Douglas Meyer’s father of Kaeden Tyler requested the judge to charge her as an 18-plus adult as she went back home safely and their children lost their lives due to her mistake. 

He told the judge that : 

“There’s days I come home from work, and his mom’s in his bedroom laying on his bed hugging the pillow saying I miss you, baby boy,” “My baby boy. It’s stuff we can’t get over. It’ll never be the same.”
“If you’re going to do adult things close to being an adult, maybe you need to have adult punishments,” 

What Happened to the Survivor of Hailey Zenk Car Crash Accident? 

Trevor J. Bogert was in the ICU for 2 and a half months. Hailey Zenk fought for his life and went through 7 surgeries and 19 blood transfusions. Savannah Bogert sister of Trevor revealed in an interview about the mental and physical state of his brother in those two months.

“I watched my brother lay there in pain,” 

“Waking up in pain and then him grieving the ones that passed. He has not been able to grieve anything because it’s still the nightmare going on. Just seeing him the way that he is now, my brother will never be the same as he was before.”

Her mother also revealed her feelings and concerns for the families that lost their children. 

“I hurt for them,” 
“It’s sad. I don’t know how to act around them knowing that my son is okay because their’s are not, and I feel for them every day, and it hurts.”

We feel the pain of families that lost their children at such a young age. All the departed souls belonged to St. Charles Community College. Kaeden was the youngest student of class 9 who was enrolled in Grade Centre Moscow Mills. 

What is the Court Decision for Hailey Zenk’s Car Crash? 

Hailey Zenk was charged with a count of DWI for the death of her two friends and three counts of involuntary murder in the first degree. Also, she charged with one count of DWI for serious injury. 

Meyer requested all the people gathered not to drink and drive the car as it resulted in a tragic loss of lives. 

“Call somebody,” 
“Call me. We’ll come get you because the feeling that you, get whenever the loss, it never goes away.”

The court documentation presented by the Missouri Highway Patrol revealed that Hailey Zenk at the time of the accident was high on substances and drunk.

Moreover, she was driving the car at 85mph without wearing a seatbelt. The worst part is that the speed limit there was 35 mph in the area and known of the passengers were wearing seat belts. 

According to the black box video she drunk, high on temp, and driving recklessly. Even she told herself that she would have killed all the passengers the way she was driving.

Trevor was lucky enough to be alive but do you know when the car hit the tree he was flying out of the windshield into the pavement? Yes! He nearly missed the chance of survival.  

He had multiple skill injuries and bone fractures. To pay condolence to the departed souls a memorial placed at South Chantilly Road to mark this as a symbol of recklessness and to pursue safe driving. 


I believe this incident is a life lesson for everybody. Wearing a seat belt while driving is not just a slogan it has some meaning. The passengers in the Hailey Zenk car crash wished for the one last time that they would have worn seat belts so maybe they had the chance to survive.

The loss of three victims William Flickinger, Emily McNees, and Kaeden Tyler is heart-wrenching for their friends and family Trevor was lucky enough to survive.

However, nothing can compensate for the loss of parents who have lost their children who were just in high school and had a long life ahead. Make sure to make your kids comfortable that if they are in trouble or stay late at some parties don’t scold them be nice and considerate.


What did Hailey Zenks do?

Hailey Zunk is charged with three counts of first-degree murder, and one count of DWI in serious injury. Due to her over-speeding and being in a drunk state, she lost control of her car and was hit by a tree. 

Who is Hailey Zink?

Hailey Zink is a teenager who killed three of her friends in a car crash. Currently, she is serving in court and waiting for her hearing. 

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