• June 20, 2024
Does Netflix Have a Free Trial? Alternate for Netflix

If you are looking for a entertainment trial on Netflix, let me be clear: Netflix has no free trial option. Does Netflix have a free trial? No, Netflix charges you for a monthly package.

Moreover, if you have opted for a monthly package and are looking forward to cancelling it, you can do that anytime. There are no cancellation charges or any agreement. 

Buying a Netflix subscription, you are open to every sort of movie, series, and TV show. Moreover, all these can belong to any category and are accessible.

Furthermore, the streaming platform has 260.28 million subscribers. If you are looking for a free trial on a streaming platform, go for Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Crunchy Roll. 

In this article, we will talk about does Netflix have a free trial, how can we get a Netflix free trial, why it is unblocked in some countries, and alternatives. 

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Does Netflix Have a Free Trial? 

No, Netflix doesn’t have the option for a free trial. To get access you need to pay the monthly fee of subscription that is based on which plan you are choosing basic or premium.

Minimum it starts from $6.99 and the premium goes up to $22.99. Moreover, in this plan, you can have access to the biggest hit of Netflix like “Squid Game”, “Bridgerton”, “Maestro”, and “Glass Onion.”

Furthermore, the platform doesn’t need any sort of publicity as they are doing good already by creating other initiatives like password sharing and fewer charges for screens.

However, if you are not willing to pay and watch then you may go for methods in which you can stream for free on Netflix.

How to Get A Free Trial on Netflix?

Does Netflix have a free trial? No, it doesn’t have any free trial. So, how come someone can watch Netflix for free? Here are two ways through which you can have access to the streaming platform easily.

Screen Sharing 

The most used way is the screen sharing. It means that one of the users is paying and three more people can watch it by just using their email and password.

In this way, you don’t need to buy one. However, there are rumours that soon the screensharing option will be finished. One user can only have one screen on their name. 

Netflix Plus Other Services 

People living in the US can have this exclusive bundle for $10/ month offered by Verizon. In this bundle, a person can access to HBO Max and Netflix which are ad-supported.

I don’t know how much is plan feasible for you but I think it is costly. Another plan is the Xfinity package which can be found rarely but in this plan, you can have access to Netflix, the internet, and other TV channels. 

Why Netflix is Unblocked in Some Countries? 

No, there is no such case of unblocking. However, yes it can be a glitch if you have switched from one country to another country. You may face connectivity issues that can be resolved by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Or it will work after some time when you have a good internet connection. 

Alternative for Netflix with Free Trial 

If not Netflix no worries you can have other alternative sites that provide you with a free trial. Here is the list below.

Hulu TV

A very look-alike alternate interface is Hulu TV.  the streaming platform gives you 30 30-day free trial option. In that trial, you have access to all the movies, shows, and TV series of all the categories. However, monthly they charge you $17.99/month after the trial ends.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has a vast library that offers a variety of shows that are different from Netflix. After the 30-day trial ends you have to pay $14.99/monthly and the yearly plan will cost you $139

Crunchy Roll 

Crunchy Roll website is best for people who are fans of anime, Japanese Manga, and other such movies. However, they have a free trial of 14 days. After that, you have to create an account that will give you access for more than 14 days to watch movies and shows without ads. 


Does Netflix have a free trial? No, Netflix doesn’t have any free options. You have to buy the basic or premium plan to enjoy watching your favourite shows and movies.

Moreover, people who had T-Mobile had the privilege to use Netflix without any hindrance. If still you want something that offers you a free trial go for Amazon Prime and Hulu TV.


Will Netflix charge me for free trial?

There is no free trial on Netflix you have to pay after creating an account. 

Which country has Netflix free trial?

In 2020 the free trial period of Netflix was finished. It is no longer available in any country now. 

How can I watch Netflix content for free?

You can watch it for free if you have a screen-sharing option. Like you have the email and password of someone accounts who owns a Netflix subscription. 

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