• June 20, 2024
What is Manga18FX? The New Anime Reading Platform

Manga18FX is a platform that allows its users to read manhwa and manga. Also, it gives access to a vast library of comics entertainment from Japan and around the world.

Moreover, the platform contains over a thousand comic reading materials and hundreds of 3D animated videos for their user and the love of Manga. Furthermore, the platform is a mix of thrilling storytelling and games. 

The new anime reading platform is open to all ages offering high-quality and free content to read. If you are a manga enthusiast you would wait for days and weeks for the launch of new chapters.

However, now you do not have to just visit Manga18FX and start reading your favourite comic. Also, you can find it in the English Language. 

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Introduction to Manga18FX

If you love reading manga comics, manhwa, and manhuwa then you should visit Manga18FX today. From horror to sci-fi, comedy, fantasy, shounen, shoujo, and romantic genres you will find them all in one place. Moreover, you can find the latest, old, and newest types of Manga from the search bar.

 If you are new and have no idea what to look for you can choose any particular manga and check its information page. Moreover, it will have the details such as title, synopsis, genres, status, chapters, and reviews. This will be very helpful for you to select a good reading manga. After, choosing the book click on it and start reading. 

The version is available on the desktop as well as in the mobile app. Moreover, to get the latest news and release dates create an account where you can bookmark, see history, and have some more features. So, what are you waiting for manga enthusiasts? Go get your hands on your favourite books today.

How is Manga18FX Different from Other Manga Platforms? 

You are wrong if you think that Manga18FX is a newly launched platform. It was started in the early 2000s. It was a side project by the students of Tokyo University.

Moreover, they aimed to create a platform providing a wide range of manga comics. In 2002, they were successfully known around Japan. 

To mark their presence worldwide they started publishing their comics in English version. In 2010, the website rose to a peak with followers around the world. Right now, the platform holds 15,000 manga comics from different genres and over 5 million monthly visitors. 

Famous Manga Comics on Manga18FX

If you are finding it hard to choose from the vast library of Manga18FX then here are some suggestions from us that you will like. 

The Return of The Crazy Demon

If you are looking for something fun and crazy then you would love to read this comic manga. The book is all about wild adventure, comedy, and little emotion.

Tale of Demons and Gods

If you love watching horror start reading the tale of Demons and Gods which revolves around dungeons and soul crystals. The three main characters will battle against demons and run through a maze in time and darkness. 

Martial Peak

Connecting their readers to nature’s martial peak is all about unlocking immense strength and connecting with nature through chakra cultivation. 

Excuse Me, That’s My Room 

The mix of drama, humor, and intimacy presented to you by Excuse me, that’s my room. If you love reading about romance and surprises with twists go grab this book now. 

What are the Features of Manga18FX?

Here are some features of the platform that will keep you stuck to the website for long.

Vast Library

You can find romance, horror, comedy, sci-fi, and action genre comics in manga18fx. Moreover, the platform includes 200,000 chapters and 10,000 series. 

New Updates

If you are reading a book the chapters of that book will be continuously updated. It won’t take weeks or months but it will be updated within days. So, you can continue reading your favorite books. 

User-Friendly Interface

Create an account and then you can bookmark your favorite comic, receive notification whenever a new chapter is released, submit your review, and communicate with other manga readers. 

Safe and Secure

No pirated content is published on the platform. They are subjected to legal publishing and have a security license. Moreover, the money collected from membership is used to enhance the website for the better in the future. 

How to Use Manga18FX?

To get started go on manga18fx.com. A home page will appear in front of you. In the search bar type your favourite manga if you have any else go for suggested ones in the beginning. Moreover, you can download the manga app on your mobile devices to read it anywhere anytime without any hindrance. 

The app will help you to read the chapters from where you left off last, you can bookmark it, and receive notification whenever new chapters are released. 

How to Create an Account on the Platform? 

First of all, you need to download the app whether it’s Google Play Store or iOS. After downloading the app log in to the account through username and password else you can use it without it. However, creating an account can help you to have a better experience in reading and accessing all the tools. 

After creating an account, you can access features like maintaining your reading history, receiving personal suggestions, using the app on multiple devices, and continuing reading from where you left the last. 


Manga18FX is an online platform that allows its users to read manga comics of different genres including horror, sci-fi, romance, action, and adventure.

Every Manga enthusiast must be well aware of how this platform is different and provides the best reading material in the English language. Not only in Japan but the website has reached millions of views from worldwide. Some of the best manga releases are Attack on Titan, One-Punch Man, and Death Note. 

The platform is open to people of all age groups because it is a journey into the realms of passion, diversity, and creativity. 

 For more information, visit cosmosmagazines.com

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