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Revealing the Pastor Chris Hodges scandal as he was charged with inappropriate relationship with her female staff and he used the funds of churches

Chris Hodges the Pastor of Church of the Highlands revealed a statement against the alleged misconduct scandal on his The Lodge. He denied every rumour and explained that this retreat centre is only for pastors who need restoration.

In many videos, it said that the lodge is a pastoral restoration centre. People mistook it as a place where pastors who are accused can come. However, he reveals that this place is to “rest, worship, and grow.” 

Revealing the Pastor Chris Hodges scandal In a 2021 conference, He admitted that he had seen several pastors dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts. 

​​“about 20 pastoral moral failures or restorations. I love doing that. I want to be known for that.”

Furthermore, he revealed that he was in touch with 20 pastors who were going through a burnout situation due to the pandemic and not due to misconduct or accusation.

“I’m not talking about the ones that are in sin, I’m talking about the ones that are ready to quit. All this came out of the pandemic.”

“Those are all guys with burnout from the pandemic,” Hodges said. “They weren’t coming here. This was still in the middle of the pandemic. These were guys getting ready to quit. Most of those weren’t moral in nature, they weren’t sexual in nature. They were burnout in nature.”

“We hope one day to have four couples at a time do a five-day event, have a date night, help them catch a breath of fresh air,” Hodges said. “They’re going to be there with their spouse. These are couples.”

Looking at the statement of Chris Hodge it is clear that the Church of Highland was just trying to help out the pastors lifestyle that have lost their way and guidance.

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Pastor Chris Hodges Scandal: Micahn Carter Case

Moral failures and some life incidents can let anyone down. However, the Pastor Chris Hodges scandal took a rise when Carter a former Mega Church Pastor got down from his post at the Church of Yakima in 2019. 

Later, he joined the Church staff in Birmingham and started to help in the restoration process of pastors. However, the church leader investigated Carter and got to know that he had been accused of misconduct before by an assistant. 

“In 2019, Micahn Carter’s Pastoral Overseers from Washington state requested Church of the Highlands’ assistance in overseeing a process to restore him to ministry, Highlands agreed to assist, and since then, we have been working with Micahn and his family. Recently, Highlands received new allegations regarding events that took place over two years ago in Washington state. Upon sharing this information with the Carters, they voluntarily resigned from their positions on staff to address these matters independently. Church of the Highlands is no longer involved in the restoration process.”

“If it’s a redeemable offense, that has been our protocol, They are required to step down for a period, or whatever is necessary.”
“I wasn’t dealing with any other cases related to sexual or moral issues, not a single one,”

Chris Hodges’s statements are proof that he was working for the betterment of the pastors and that he had no other bad intentions. Looking at the matter of Carter Chris asked Carter to resign from the post which he did and later filed a lawsuit against his accuser. 

The Pastor Chris Hodges Scandal Is Not True

There is no revelation behind the Pastor Chris Hodges scandal. Moreover, they do not have any sort of program that helps pastors with misconduct issues.

Hodges in an interview showed his frustration over the thought of people and denied that this is not true at all. Apart from this Hodges has been the founder of the Association of Related Churches (ARC).

This initiative is for building new churches. Also, ARC has no links with their churches and restoration program. Furthermore, he revealed that his church is just for restoration from burnout and mental failures and nothing else. 

“The day we opened in April, I created a video that captures the essence of The Lodge,”

The Lodge and Its Current Status 

After so much scandal and allegation on the Pastor Chris Hodges scandal now the church website posts numerous pictures and videos from inside. Here is what the site reveals. 

“The Lodge at Grants Mill is a sanctuary where pastors and ministry leaders can find solace, rejuvenation, and renewed focus on their divine calling. Our mission is to empower these devoted individuals to spread the Gospel to every corner of the earth. In an era where pastoral burnout is alarmingly high, with 1 in 4 pastors contemplating retirement or resignation before 2030, our unwavering commitment is to equip and support pastors in leading healthy and thriving churches that make a significant impact in their communities and beyond.”

Official statement from The Lodge

The Lodge located on Grants Mill Road has four bedrooms, a spacious conference hall, and a meeting room. The total worth of this place is around $4.5 million. Moreover, the doors opened for pastors in April. Hodges revealed the guest speakers love to stay at this place. 

“Our guest speakers prefer staying at The Lodge due to its proximity to the stage, just 200 yards away.”

At this moment, there are no structured programs in place. We are gradually building up the programming. Currently, it is utilized on an as-needed basis for guest speakers.”

Talking about his plans he revealed that he aims to make it a more big venture to restore the morality of pastors and help to build more churches. 

“Our ultimate goal is to develop tailored programming for those in need of a retreat. While we have yet to plan the first day of programming, we are determined to extend our assistance to those who are weary and disheartened. We are committed to making a difference.”

Wrap Up 

Revealing the Pastor Chris Hodges scandal there was no truth that The Lodge conducted a restoration process for Pastors. Furthermore, had gone through misconduct and accusation.

It is a place where pastors can heal, grow, and rest from their burnout. The Lodge open for pastors in April and currently used to call guest speakers for seminars and conferences. 


What did Pastor Chris Hodge’s son do?

Michael Hodges son of Chris Hodges is the winner of the game show called “Wheel of Fortune.” moreover he won a cash prize of $52,650. 

Where is Pastor Chris Hodges now?

Apart from being a pastor, he is the chancellor of Highlands College and he is currently in Birmingham, Alabama. Living with his wife Tammy and five children. 

Why was Michael Hodges removed?

Due to “moral failing” in 2017 he removed from the Greystone campus pastor post. 

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