• July 21, 2024
Where is Elon Musk Home? Is it worth $50,000?

It was Walter Isaacson the biographer of Elon Musk who shared photos of the inside of Musk’s $50,000 rented home. How does Elon Musk home look? The picture shared by Isaacson showed a living area and a kitchen. It is a house he has rented from SpaceX. But why is he living in such a small house? 

Here is the reason written by Isaacson on X, 

“In 2020, Musk decided to sell his five grand houses and to have as his primary residence this spartan two-bedroom house in Boca Chica, TX, where we would meet and he would sit at this wood table and make phone calls,”

Apart from this explanation he revealed that Musk will reveal all the reasons himself in his book which is all set to release on September 12. In short, he is making all these efforts so he can build a colony on Mars. 

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Inside Look at Elon Musk Home

The pictures of Elon Musk home shared by Isaacson showed a living room and kitchen. Furthermore, in the pictures, we could see a center table and some show pieces which include a rocket-shaped sculpture, a sword, and some mindful games. Moreover, if we move to the right side we can see a poster of “Amazing Stories.” 

As Musk is a Sci-fi addict we predict that we can find some more interesting things like that in his house. Also, there is a beautiful Tesla “Plaid Mode” jacket hanging on the chair.

Isn’t it so simple yet beautiful? The poster that we saw in the picture is painted by Henry Gade and shows Musk’s SpaceX starship rocket which was used as a transportation means to take people from Mars and bring them back to Earth. 

Why Elon Musk Home is Selling? 

To build a colony on Mars Elon Musk has sold all of his property and now living in a rented house for $50,000. His last house was sold for $30 million in 2021. Now, Elon Musk home is a Boxable pre-fabricated house named “Casita” which he rented from SpaceX for $50,000. 

Looking at the current location of Elon Musk it is clear that he is living a simple life if we compare it to his previous year’s life. Where he used to hold lavish and themed-based parties. Moreover, Kanye West in 2020 shared a photo from a party in Musk’s home where we can see two of them sitting on a couch in front of a huge glass wall. 

Elon Musk Home in San Francisco 

Elon Musk sold out all of his properties for $100USD million. The reason behind selling all his real estate property is to build a colony on Mars. However, one of his properties that he cannot let go of is a house in San Francisco that is worth $37.5 million. But it’s not on sale anymore. Why? 

“Yeah, sold my houses, except for 1 in Bay Area that’s rented out for events, “Working on sustainable energy for Earth with Tesla & protecting future of consciousness by making life multiplanetary with SpaceX. Also, AI risk mitigation with Neuralink & fixing traffic with Boring.”

The CEO of Tesla and X revealed that he wanted a large family to own the house as per its worth. However, later he changed his mind and decided to keep this one house with himself for hosting events. 

I realized why Elon Musk home in San Francisco is so special and he wanted a large family to buy it. Here is the reason why we say so. 

“Over 100-year-old mansion with unobstructed Bay views, pool, hiking trails, canyons & reservoir. Ballroom, banquet dining room and preserved but completely updated professional kitchen. Detached 3-car garage, 8-car carport, and tremendous motor court parking.”

Where is Elon Musk Living Now? 

Currently, he is living in a 375-square-foot house in Texas. The space is owned by SpaceX which they have rented for $50,000. Moreover, he has sold more than 12 of his real estate properties to build a colony on Mars. 

“My primary home is literally a ~$50k house in Boca Chica / Starbase that I rent from SpaceX. It’s kinda awesome though.”

It is amazing to see that living his luxurious and celebrity life he is living somewhere far away and sold out all of his possessions just to build a colony on Mars. 


I believe now you know Elon Musk home is in Boca Chica where he is living in a rented pre-fabricated 375 square-feet house by SpaceX. The reason for selling all his property and moving into a rented space was that he wanted to build a colony on Mars. 

We also heard that Elon Musk is thinking of building a colony in Texas “Snail Brook” where he will keep some of the premises for himself to build a private compound. 

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Does Elon Musk own at home?

In April 2022 Elon Musk revealed that he had sold all of his property and is now living in a friend’s house. Later he moved into a rented space for $50,000. 

What is Elon Musk’s net worth in Indian rupees?

As of 2024 Elon Musk’s net worth of INR is 2 lakh crore. If you check this out in USD it’s $198 billion. 

How much does Elon Musk earn per day?

The owner of Tesla and SpaceX has a significant raise in his net worth this year. If we check his per day income it is around $9,917,280 per day. 

What is Elon Musk’s work ethic?

Elon Musk is mostly seen working long hours and sleeping for the bare minimum of time. He believes to achieve something extraordinary you need to work for more than a 40-hour workweek. 

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