• May 17, 2024
Why People are Boycotting Squishmallows After the CEO Tweet?

Squishmallows famously known as the Plush toy is manufactured by Jazwares. Moreover, the company was founded in 1997 by lawyers Judd and Laura Zebersky who turned into business entrepreneurs.

The making of squishmallows started in 2017. Later on, they bought the company Kellytoy in 2020 which manufactured these plushies. But many people are boycotting squishmallows. Have you read the tweet by his CEO? 

People showed their concern before the black Friday sale when the CEO of Jazware Judd Zebersky made a statement against the ongoing tension between Palestine and Israel.

He was a strong supporter of Israel and its wrongdoings. People were so angry that they considered him a pro-zionist and decided to boycott his plushies. 

Reason For Boycotting Squishmallows: The CEO Tweet 

After posting a tweet on Linked In the CEO of Jazware is under fire for the zionist comment he had made. The tweet that angered people and made them boycott squishmallows was: 

We stand firmly with Israel and its right to defend its citizens against the despicable and barbaric actions of Hamas terrorists. Over the past three days, over 900 Israelis injured… Make no mistake: Hamas is a terrorist organization with a charter calling for eradicating Israel. It’s a somber reminder of Israel’s genuine and daunting challenges, and our hearts go out to all those affected by such evil.”

I would have commented down under his post and revealed that 900 Israelis were injured but does he know now how many Palestinians have laid to rest? It’s more than 40,000 plus.

But coming back to our CEO’s statement he also revealed that his two interns named “Yoni” and “Daniel” will be sent to Israel to defend their so-called country. And will be sent to the army. I think this guy needs some mental stability counseling very soon.

Not just this was finished here he stated that he will be working with his brothers in a non-profit organization that will help the injured Israeli soldiers. Also, he stated that “ pro-terrorist organizations or acts with hateful intent toward any group.” I don’t think anyone would like to join you after this hatred. 

The tweet reached six million views but the people were strongly against Zeberesky’s comment and decided to boycott squishmallows. It is great to see people who have boycotted Jazware as well as Squishmallows.  

The Public Opinion on Boycotting Squishmallows

Most people thought that boycotting squishmallows just because of the CEO’s personal beliefs and opinions was unjust to the business. However, some people believe that people who support unjust deserve to be boycotted. 

This one statement shows that political and personal opinions can affect your business as well as your reputation. Also, we have no clue how long this tension will affect the business and the reputation of Jazware and Squishmallows. 

Public Review & Alternate of Squishmallows

No doubt, the plush toy made by Jazware was high in public demand because it was designed for people and looked after their needs. Moreover, the brand was loved by Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga. The CEO told CNBC: 

“The idea of having something that was nurturing, cozy, cuddly, it was affordable and accessible. Instant gratification. We really touch on all walks and areas. So it’s been really interesting to see that it’s not just kids, it’s adults. Our demographic is very wide and broad and it’s very unusual in our business to have that.”

As per the statement, we see that the product was based on the needs of every age group people. Moreover, the Squishmalloqs won the award of Prestigious Toy of the Year award. This was not their first time winning the award it was their third award in the same category. 

Wrap Up 

I think when you are running a business every step counts making a statement that would hurt anybody’s sentiments is not right. After the tweet of the CEO of Jazware, people found him pro-zionist and decided that boycotting squishmallows was the best way to show their outrage and displeasure towards the company.


What is the controversy with Squishmallows?

After the comment of Squismallows owner and CEO in support of Israel people decided to boycott the plush toy for showing their anger against the tweet. 

Why is Squishmallows getting boycotted?

Everybody is Boycotting Squismallows because the company supports Israel and has supported them in non-profit organizations to look after the injured soldiers.  

Why is Squishmallows being cancelled?

Squismallows were found in 2017. Till then 80 million squishmallows have found their home. So, maybe they are not cancelled but boycotted by some people which will surely affect their sales. 

Does Squishmallow support Israel?

Yes! They do the company owner was labeled as a pro-zionist for supporting the actions of Israeli soldiers. Moreover, the company is providing funds and all sorts of support to Israel. 

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