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Bryce Laspisa Early Life, Family, Reason of Disappearing 

On the day of 30th August 2013, a teenager Bryce Laspisa disappeared while driving back home. However, investigators were unable to find a single trace of his appearance.

His car was found wrecked near a Castaic Lake embankment which was 25 feet off the road. Bryce’s parents received a call in the morning from their son about his arrival.

In the last talk Michael and Karen had with their son was that he was driving in the Sierra Pelona Mountains. Further, he was about to rest on Interstate 5 around 2 A.M.

You must be sad to hear about the Bryce Laspisa incident. If you want to know the entire story then brace yourself and continue reading on the website below. Here, you can learn about his biography, his parents, and the car accident.

Bryce Laspisa Summary 

Full Name Bryce Laspisa
Birth Date 30 April 1994
Birth PlaceSpringfield, Illinois
School Name Naperville Central High School
Parents Name Michael & Karen Laspisa 
Moved To California, Laguna Niguel 
College Sierra College 

How Was Bryce Laspisa’s Life Before Disappearing? 

Bryce Laspisa was born on 30 April 1994 in Springfield, Illinois. Moreover, his parents Karena and Michael Laspisa welcomed him with whole hearts. Thus, he stood out in all the activities back at school. Yet he made a lot of charming friends. 

Further, he graduated from Naperville Central High School in 2012. However, after graduating Bryce moved out and shifted to Laguna Niguel, Orange County in California.

But his journey didn’t stop and he again moved to Roseville in Sacramento. The reason for moving was Bryce could start his freshman year at Sierra College. 

Not long ago, Bryce got settled and he made wonderful friends like Sean Dixon and Kim Sly who were his girlfriend. 

Bryce Laspisa with his parents on left his mother karena and on right his father micheal lespisa

When Did Bryce Laspisa Started to Take Drugs?

After Laspisa’s first summer break, he went back home. Furthermore, he was in constant conversation with his roommate about coming back earlier. Hence, Bryce was coming to get high on Vyvanse and liquor. 

Laspisa’s girlfriend Kim noticed a lot of changes in his behaviour. He tends to be more depressive, erratic, and withdrawn. Moreover, his roommate Sean Dixon observed Bryce drinking more every day. 

Alongside, Bryce Laspisa wanted to stay wide awake so he took Vyvanse and started to play video games. None of us could get a hold of the situation, right? 

How did Bryce Laspisa Encounter This Accident?

On 28 August 2013, Bryce Laspisa was found missing while driving back home. Though, his ex-girlfriend called Bryce’s mother Karen says that he is very high on Vyvanse.

She told her about his condition to Karen but she asked her to let Laspisa drive the car back home. Therefore, Bryce left her home and started driving.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t reach home. He was staying in the car for hours after contacting his mother. One of his friends Christiana lived nearby. So she stopped by the car and asked Bryce to go home. Thus, there was no sign of him. 

Finally, after 2 days Laspisa family reported their son’s missing. Also, six hours passed after the last phone call of their son. However, the police were able to track down his car Toyota Highlander. So, there were no signs of drugs in that car. 

As well as you will be shocked to know that Bryce left his wallet, Laptop, and phone in the car. As if he didn’t want to come to life. 


Sadly, Bryce Laspisa is still missing and police haven’t found his dead body or any remains. A lot of people have been gossiping about his accident.

But the real story shows that he was suffering from a mental disorder and a high level of depression. Just to void those thoughts he started to drink a lot and use drugs. Further, for playing video games Bryce used to opt for such options. 

Thus, after the accident, Bryce’s parents are actively looking for him. They asked the social media community to help them find their son.

If you were able to find any related story or clue behind it. Then, do comment below and share your thoughts on the story mentioned above. 

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Was Bryce ever found?

On 28 August 2013, Laspisa was found missing while driving back home. six hours passed after the last phone call of their son. However, the police were able to track down his car Toyota Highlander. 

What What happened to Bryan Laspisa?

There are many stories behind the incident. However, no one knows what exactly happened to Bryce. His car was found with all his belongings and with no blood stains in it. Yet police couldn’t track him down. 

Why did Bryce goes missing?

Lapisa’s friends Sean and Kim said that he started to take Vyvanse and alcohol as well. That might have caused him a psychotic break or severe depression at the time. 

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