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Brooke Daniells - Girlfriend of Catherine Bell, Biography and Facts

Brooke Daniells is a talented American photographer. She is an artist who has gained recognition for her work in the field of portraiture. Furthermore, she made her name in fashion and editorial photography.

With over 15 years of professional experience, Daniells has built an impressive portfolio of work. It has been featured in various publications and galleries across the United States.

While she is widely respected for her photography skills, Brooke Daniells has also made headlines for her relationship with actress Catherine Bell. As a result, this has drawn public interest and scrutiny.

Daniells remains focused on her craft and continues to create meaningful and inspiring art. Despite the lack of visibility of the LGBTQ community at the time, they openly declared their relationship. Thus, leading to the disapproval of some relatives.

Nonetheless, they have become well-known same-sex couples. And they seem to be relishing their time together. As a photographer and a Scientologist, Brooke shares these two passions with her beloved Catherine.

Interestingly, they have both been previously married to men. However, they divorced before finding each other. This article will delve into the life of Brooke Daniells, a renowned photographer. We will explore her background, career, and personal life, including her relationship with actress Catherine Bell.

Brooke Daniells Profile Summary

Birth NameBrooke Daniells
Nick NameHadley and Elizabeth
Age36 Years as of 2023
Birth PlaceTomball, Texas, United States
Date of BirthJune 30, 1986
Mother’s NameValerie Chachere Daniells
Father’s NameMichael
AffairsCatherine Bell
SpouseKenneth Daniells (Divorced)
ChildrenRonan, Gemma
College/UniversitySam Houston State University
ProfessionSocial work as Scientologist
Weight53 kg
Brooke Daniells

Brooke Daniells Early Life

On June 30, 1986 was Brooke Daniells born. She spent her early days in a Christian family in Tomball, Texas, USA. Moreover, Brooke has beautiful brown hair and was born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Her mother is the excellent Penny Atwell Jones. However, her father’s name remains shrouded in mystery, but some say it’s Michael. Phaedra Jones and Damien Jones are Brooke’s siblings. She grew up in a metropolitan area and attended school with her siblings.

Despite her dad being a photography buff, he urged Brooke to broaden her horizons and attend university. She enrolled at Sam Houston State University, where she studied psychology. But, as they say, you can take a girl out of photography, but you can’t take photography out of a girl!

Her interest in photography was sparked at a young age. Additionally, her interest only intensified as she grew older. Post-graduation, Brooke put on her shutterbug hat and went into photography. Brooke Daniells has impressed many people with her fantastic photography skills.

As a result, she has received many awards and honours for her outstanding work. She decided to expand her knowledge and bagged a master’s degree in Communications.

She had already earned her undergraduate degree in psychology. Brooke’s passion drives her to excel in her impressive career. She’s undoubtedly one to watch in the world of photography!

Brooke Daniells Career Life

Brooke is a determined individual who never allows anything to get in the way of her passions. She started her career in the entertainment and modelling industry as a model. Furthermore, in 2009, she won the Miss Texas USA pageant.

From a young age, Brooke knew she wanted to be a photographer. Furthermore, she is an event planner who pursued that dream relentlessly. Apart from her passion Brooke Daniells has also established a successful career in Scientology.

It is a religion founded by L. Ron Hubbard. However, Scientology has been described in various ways, including as a cult, a business, or a spiritual movement. However, Daniells and her partner Catherine Bell share a love for this religion.

While pursuing her interests, the celebrity has also acted, featuring in low to mid-budget films, such as “Change of Life,” an indie drama released in 2009. She has also worked on many film projects as a writer and producer. These include “The Apology Dance,” “Last Breath,” and “Vanguard Dispatch.”

Daniells appeared in the film “The Good Witch” and has also been featured in various magazines. She has two children from previous relationships. Currently, Brooke is focusing all her energy on her event planning, photography, and Scientology career, which brings her a steady income.

Relationship with Catherine Bell

Brooke and Catherine Bell met at the Industry of Death Museum in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, in 2012. Brooke Daniells, who had a degree in psychology, was practicing as a psychiatrist. Meanwhile, Catherine Bell was gaining recognition as a prominent actress.

She got divorced from her former husband, Adam Beason. Brooke met Adam while working on the “Death Becomes Her” set. Catherine Bell started a new chapter in her life. The couple had been married for 17 years and had two children together.

A daughter named Gemma and also a son named Ronan. However, they sold their Calabasas mansion and went their separate ways. Rumors began to swirl shortly after the divorce that Bell was in a relationship with Brooke.

Despite this, the two neither confirmed nor denied the rumors. However, they did move into Bell’s newly purchased Hidden Hills mansion with their children. Initially, their relationship was met with controversy, as it began in 2012.

It was a time when LGBTQ acceptance was starting to become more prevalent. Penny Atwell Jones was particularly resistant to the idea of her daughter being in a same-sex relationship with Bell. The two did not speak to each other for a long time after Daniells and Bell started dating.

Despite the initial disapproval they faced, Bell and Daniells have continued to build their life together. Additionally, raising their blended family. They reside in a $2.05 million home in Los Angeles and appear happy together.

Previous Affairs

Kenneth Daniells was a soldier who was previously married to Brooke Daniells. However, she got divorced before beginning her relationship with Catherine Bell. Details about their relationship and the duration of their marriage are not widely known. However, Daniells chose to retain her last name after their divorce.

Daniells has two children from her last marriage, Sage and Zoe. Her current partner Catherine Bell also has two children. While the children primarily live with Daniells, she maintains a high level of privacy. Moreover, she hesitates to share details or pictures of their private life. This discretion is impressive.

Net Worth

According to some reports, in 2023, Brooke Daniells has a Networth of $2.5 Million. She is a multi-talented individual with diverse interests and professional pursuits. Furthermore, she serves as an event planner and photographer.

She is also employed as a social worker at the Church of Scientology. While Brookes’ diverse skill set is impressive, it pales compared to Catherine Bell’s staggering net worth of $15 million.


What does Brooke Daniels do for a living?

Daniells has a diverse professional background, including producing, acting, photography, and modelling.

Are Catherine Bell and Brooke Daniells still together?

Catherine Bell is a famous actress known for her TV roles, who has been in a romantic relationship with Brooke since 2012.

Who is Brooke’s partner?

Catherine Bell is her current partner.

How old is Brooke Daniels?

She is 36 years old as of 2023.

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