• April 13, 2024
Winter and Puppies - Keeping Your Puppy Cozy and Entertained

With its frosty mornings and cozy evenings, winter is a season to look forward to for many. However, for new puppy parents, it can bring about a mix of excitement and concern. 

As it approaches, you may wonder, “How will my puppy handle the cold? What activities can we enjoy together? And what should I watch out for?” Let’s delve into the world of winter and puppies and equip you with everything you need to know.

Winter Hazards to Watch Out

Extreme Cold: 

Puppies, especially Cockapoos, are more sensitive to cold than adult dogs. Limit the duration of walks on particularly chilly days and watch out for signs of discomfort.

Ice and Snow: 

Slips aren’t just a human problem. Puppies can skid on ice, too. Additionally, Snow can accumulate between their toes, causing discomfort. Also maybe getting


Ice melts and antifreeze are common during winter but can be toxic to pups. Ensure your puppy doesn’t lick or consume any. You don’t want your dog to become dead now, would you? 

This is something that you have to be cautious about. It may seem like I’m just telling it repeatedly, but it is important to do.  

Shorter Days: 

With reduced daylight, ensure you’re visible when walking. Reflective gear or LED collars can be handy. If you have a black dog, they could also disappear very quickly. If you have a white dog, they can get lost in the Snow, so it’s just paying attention and being cautious.

Winter Fun with Your Puppy

Snow Play: 

Most puppies find Snow fascinating. Tossing a ball or toy in a snowy yard can be incredibly entertaining. Remember to dry them off after playtime. 

Seeing your puppy disappear in the Snow and then pop out like a little bunny is pretty cute. I know with my Cockapoo, she’ll jump up, disappear, and jump up and run to me all covered in Snow.

Indoor Agility:

 Set up an obstacle course indoors. It keeps them mentally stimulated and physically active.

Teach New Tricks: 

Winter can be a great time to teach your dog new tricks. It’s a fun indoor activity; by spring, they’ll have a whole set of new skills!

Snuggle Time: 

Sometimes, the best thing about it is those cozy moments. Grab a blanket for your dog and watch a movie or read a book together.

A Winter Tale: Indoor Camping Adventure

Last winter, with the outside world blanketed in Snow and the wind howling, I set up an indoor camping experience for my dog and me. I built a makeshift tent in the living room using blankets and chairs. 

Inside, I scattered some of his favorite toys, a comfy pillow for him, and a sleeping bag for me. As the evening progressed, I turned off all the lights, leaving only a flashlight on. 

The shadows created an illusion of a forest, and the silence was only broken by the crackling sounds of a ‘campfire’—a safe LED version. I narrated tales of grand forests and adventures, and my dog seemed all ears, occasionally tilting his head, trying to catch every word. 

We ‘roasted’ doggy treats, played fetch and eventually dozed off to a calming playlist. It was a simple evening, but the bond it fostered and the memories created were priceless. It’s a reminder that fun isn’t about grand gestures but the quality time spent together.


With its unique challenges, winter also brings opportunities for fun and bonding. While being cautious and ensuring your dog’s comfort and safety is essential. 

However, remember to embrace the season’s joy. Whether it’s an indoor camping night, teaching tricks, or just cuddling up together, it can be a wonderland for you and your puppy.


Is winter too cold for puppies?

Be cautious when the temperature falls below 45°F (7°C); small dogs with thin coats may be unsafe outdoors, while larger dogs with thicker coats are generally fine.

Does cold weather make puppies sleepy?

Dogs and cats tend to sleep more because they feel colder and seek warmth and comfort, just like humans become less active in colder weather.

How do I protect my puppy?

Keep Pets Sheltered,

What happens to a puppy when it gets too cold?

Low body temperature can impact heart function, leading to irregular heartbeats and affecting oxygen levels and blood pressure.

Will puppies cry if cold?

Puppies struggle with temperature regulation in their first four months of life and may whimper when they feel too cold.

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