• May 17, 2024
Why BlueFire Wilderness Abuse Left Teens Traumatized?

Are you aware of BlueFire wilderness? Also, do you know how BlueFire wilderness abuse has left teenagers traumatized for life? Let me tell you the story of a rehab program BlueFire Wilderness located in Boise, Idaho.

It helps teens fight their traumas, abuse, depression, and addictions. Moreover, people call it a different sort of rehab program than the other programs that are going around. Why BlueFire is different? 

They are always connected to the parents through conference calls, videos, audio, and updates by the staff.  Moreover, their activities are close to nature and adventure.

This includes camping, mountain hiking, and rock climbing. These exercise aims to have teamwork and fill in the communication gap for introverted people. 

Recently, there was news that BlueFire wilderness abuse has left some teenagers disturbed. Strict punishments, body exertion, no toilet papers and washroom on the hiking, no clean water, and a check by male staff every time. Read the article below to read the stories of BlueFire wilderness survivors. 

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What is the BlueFire Wilderness Therapy Program?

It is an Idaho-based therapy program for teens who have mental health issues like depression, childhood traumas, abuse, and addiction. Moreover, the patient spend most of their time close to nature and focus on their abilities. Also, regular checkups of patients with the therapist are appointed. 

The official statement about what is BlueFire Wilderness by the team itself is stated as:

“blueFire Wilderness is an outdoor therapy program for youth ages 11-28. blueFire combines clinical expertise, wilderness, and adventure therapy in our clinician-owned program, providing an approach to treatment which produces long-lasting, internalized change.” 

Wow! It sounds great as a therapy place. But how can we believe when nothing can be seen? BlueFire wilderness abuse has left teens distressed for life. How did that happen? Let me tell you the story of a survivor.  

Proof Against BlueFire Wilderness Abuse Towards Teenagers

“I was terrified. … They make it very clear to you that you are a patient. You have no freedom. You have no choice.”

“My entire life just crashed down in a matter of days, weeks,”

Katelyn Haruko Schmisseur, wilderness therapy program survivor

Katelyn is one of the survivors of BlueFire wilderness abuse who came out against the traumatizing stay-in-therapy program. She revealed details like the bathroom was a piece of sheet in between two trees.

Furthermore, she added that when she went to the washroom the staff member saw her continuously telling her it was part of the program. For solid waste, the survivors had a biohazard bag.

However, the worst scenario came in when the weather was getting hotter day by day and the smell of waste was getting worse. Moreover, the number of insects has risen too. They got a single roll of toilet paper that was shared by 10 people. The sad part is when it finishes you have to use leaves and sticks to clean yourself. 

“It was just so nasty,” Katelyn Added. “They didn’t care. … (It was) just another form of dehumanizing you and taking away your dignity.”

At the age of 16 carrying a 40-pound backup on your shoulder and putting you on 3 mile hike. This is the BlueFire Wilderness program for you. 

“I was terrified,” says Katelyn, Further added. “I missed my family more than anything. I just remember feeling so helpless. It’s like you’re living in this existence, but you don’t have free will, you don’t have autonomy, and they make that very clear to you. They make it very clear to you that you are a patient. You have no freedom. You have no choice.”

Make sure before getting your children into a therapy program you never know what and how they treat people inside. Moreover, the patients were not allowed to write anything negative in letters as they were read before handing them over to their parents. If the staff found anything bad or negative you will be punished for the act. 


No doubt, therapy for mental health issues is necessary. However, it doesn’t mean you have to put your children through a lifetime of trauma. One such example is BlueFire wilderness abuse that put their patient through strict rules, punishments, and lack of food, and necessities.

One such clear scenario of the inside world is stated by Katelyn a survivor. Parents send their children to be saved from their mental health issues by getting close to nature. However, it is the opposite of what parents have thought. 


Is wilderness therapy still around?

Outhere you have many wilderness programs that can help your child with teenage struggles. Moreover, make sure they are safe and accredited by health experts. 

What happens after wilderness therapy?

It depends on the patient’s will to look for a better future or return to the past that destroyed them. 

Why do people go to wilderness therapy?

Most of the people go to therapy due to their mental health issues like depression, abuse, and childhood traumas. 

What happens in wilderness camp?

Patients are tested with physical and outdoor activities to build their strength and free their minds from things that hurt them. 

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