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Which is the Best Tequila in the World? All You Need to Know About

In the 2023 Las Vegas Global Spirit Award thousands of Tequilas came from around the world. However, 5 of them won platinum medals and 22 tequilas awarded gold medals.

If you are looking for which one won the best tequila award it was “Defrente, Blanco Tequila.” UK sales of tequila went up 9% in 2023. In total last year 250% increase seen in the market. 

In the upcoming days, this number will pass out the selling number of whiskeys and vodkas. Nowadays finding isn’t a hurdle you can find it at any bar in the world.

However, the real question that comes around is which tequila is best? To know the answer read the article below as we short down the list of best tequilas in the world for you. 

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What is the Best Tequila to Sip On? 

Tequila is the best-growing drink right now surpassing the number of whiskey and vodka. But the real question is which is the best tequila as there are several brands available.

According to the majority “Fortaleza Still Strength” is the best Tequila to sip on. However, if you don’t like it you can select from the several options mentioned below. 

Fortaleza Still Strength: The Lowland Tequila

Making tequila since the 1990s. The company is run by the fifth generation of Sauza’s. You have guessed it right Guillermo Sauza the great-great-grandfather who made the tequila in the 90s.

Now, the company run by his new generation but the process of making is still the same.  The agave is crushed using a stone wheel.

Moreover, crushed into fine pieces, and then processed in tiny wooden barrels. If we talk about taste, it has a sweet cinnamon flavour. Moreover, the process of making done in the lowlands where the growing speed of agave is slower and natural as compared to the highlands. 

Pantalones Organic Anejo: Celebrity Tequila

Pantalones Organic Anejo owned by Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila Alves who is a model by profession. The couple launched their best tequila foot forward in 2023.

No doubt! The venture was successful. If we talk about the taste test here are the results. Sipping Anejo gives you a lively and tangy taste with the richness of nutty and citrus aromas. 

Mijenta Reposado: Sustainable Agriculture 

Mijenta Reposado is the best-selling item from the Mijenta brand. Moreover, it comes in a flavor of honey and orange.

Before processing the it is kept in barrels for up to six months. Furthermore, the brand aims to support sustainable agriculture and the Jalisco community. 

Best Tequila to Sip On? 

El Tequileno Blanco: American Oak 

El Tequileno Blanco has a vibe as it is kept in American Oak for weeks. Moreover, it tastes like herbal juice flavor and consumed by the people in towns in Mexico. They find it as beautiful as the fresh aroma of flowers. 

Don Julio: 1942

Tequila is the second thing in Don Julio the first thing to notice is the shape of the bottle. You have hardly seen it anywhere in the world. Moreover, it tastes a little spicy but with a blend of salted caramel and tropical fruit. 

Maestro Dobel Diamante: Multi-Aged Clear  

Maestro Dobel Diamante introduced in 2008. At that age, it was the first ever multi-aging clear tequila. In the Balkan white woods aged for one, two, and three years.

Which fermented the reposado, anejo, and extra anejo to the core. Moreover, the taste of Diamante at first feels a little citrusy and also gives a hint of vanilla flavor. 

What are the Types of Tequila to Choose From? 

Here is a list of types of tequila that can help you to choose the best tequila in the world. 


In Spanish Reposado means “rest.” it means that tequilas that belong to Reposado types stay in oak for two months or a year. Due to this stay in American Oak barrels, one could taste the richness of caramel and vanilla flavor. 


To be in the category of Anejo a tequila must rest in a barrel for up to one to three years. Moreover, there is a limit of 600-liter anejo that can be stored in casks. If we talk about their taste it is cinnamony, vanilla, and a little savory-sweet. 

Extra Anejo

The most expensive tequilas in the world are classified as extra anejo or XA. It is because they rest in a barrel for a minimum of three years. They are categorized into premium quality tequilas. 

How is Tequila Made? 

The best tequila in the world is made from pure and natural agave that has no additives. Moreover, it comes from the country of Mexico and the drink is distilled from the agave plant.

In this process when the agave plant has fully grown the heart known as pinas stores starch and sugar and is taken out for cooking. In the first step, it is crushed to extract all the juice which is then stored in American oaks and barrels.

As per the type the time is decided for resting of tequillas in barrels. However, if you want the best tequila for your party or Saturday night find the one which is made from 100% agave plant. 

Why Tequila is More Growing than Whiskeys and Vodkas? 

You can find in its purest forms plus they give you the vibe same as whiskeys and vodkas. Moreover, they are bursting out with flavor as they rest in the barrels for a long time.

Furthermore, the drinks keep you sober yet give you the enjoyment you require. Also, you can sip your tequila with mocktails and cocktails which makes it more tasteful.  

How Can You Pair Your Tequila Drink in the Bar? 

Here is the list of how you can drink in 2024. The mix and match with other drinks plus the new favorite mix. 

  • Bloody Maria
  • Grapefruit Soda
  • Margarita
  • Lime Juice with agave nectar

In the bar, there are several more options for you to try. If you do not like these options try asking the bartender to recommend you some.  

Wrap Up 

If you are looking for the best tequila then I must say that choose the one that is made from 100% agave plant with no additives. Moreover, the best kind of category is XA also known as Extra Anejo.

It is a premium and is the best-selling in the world. Last year in 2023 the Defrente Blanco Tequila won the award for best tequila in the Las Vegas Global Spirit Awards.

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What is considered the world’s best tequila?

  • Don Julio 1942
  • Ocho Plata
  • Patron
  • Jose Cuervo
  • Milagro

What is the world’s best tequila in 2024?

Here is the list of the best tequila in the world in 2024.

  1. Fortaleza Blanco
  2. Fortaleza Reposado
  3. Ocho Añejo
  4. Ocho Extra Añejo
  5. El Tesoro Blanco

What is Mexico’s #1 tequila?

Gran Centenario is known as Mexico’s number 1 tequila. 

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