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Stevin John Creator of Blippi- Age, Networth, Family and Biography

Stevin John is an American Youtuber, kid’s educator and content creator. Furthermore, he is also known as Blippi. Steve gained popularity from his YouTube channel, Blippi. In his videos, he dresses in colorful clothes, entertains children, and educates children variety of things.

 His videos are also dubbed into different languages. In addition to this, his videos are also on Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. Steve was born in Ellenberger, Washington, United States and is an American national.

 The idea for his YouTube channel came when he saw his two years older phew watching videos of very low quality. Therefore, Steve decided to start his YouTube channel.

Stevin John is engaged and has a son named Lochlan David John, after his father’s name. His net worth is estimated at around $16 million. However, the main source of his income is his YouTube channel.

Stevin John Early Life

Stevin John Grossman, more likely known as Blippi. He was born in Ellenberger, Washington, the United States, on 27 May 1988. He is an American national and Christian. His father name was Mr. Grossman. Furthermore, Stevin grew up in surroundings of tractors, greenery, and pets like horses and cows.

 According to reports, he served in the military for two years, from 2006 to 2008. Steve was also a military veteran. However, he realized that the military was not the right fit for him. After a two-year term in the air force (2006-2008), he launched a career in the digital world.

Furthermore, the details of his parents and siblings have yet to be well known. Stevin wanted to be a fighter pilot and limo driver in his childhood.

Stevin John Professional Life

The idea of Blippi came years back in his mind when he was in the market. He saw his nephew, who was two years old at that time. His nephew was watching YouTube videos which were of very low quality. There, Stevin John decided to create high-quality educational movies for children himself.

In 2014, he posted his first video as a Blippi. He aimed to show the character through the thoughts and behaviors of a youngster. Soon the YouTube celebrity gained popularity. And started gaining billion of views in his videos.

Moonbug Entertainment acquired “Blippi” together with “Cocomelon” in 2020. The production business intended to turn it into a YouTube children’s media empire. “Blippi” has so far been produced in several languages. Furthermore, Blippi toys and goods are also available. The renowned “Blippi” series appeared on Netflix in January 2022. “Blippi” now has over 15 million YouTube followers, making it a global sensation.

Blippi Learns about Jungle Animals for Kids is his most successful video, with over 800 million views. Other foreign language channels in Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Arabic are available based on the main channel. Blippi Toys is an additional channel with 7.75 million subscribers as of this writing. In addition to YouTube, children may watch Blippi on Amazon Prime, Roku, and Hulu.

Personal Details

NameStevin John
Nick nameBlippi
FatherMr. Grossman
Date of birthMay 27,1988
Birth placeEllenberger, Washington, United States
ChildrenLochlan David John
Height173 cm
Zodiac signGemini
ProfessionYoutuber, educator, content creator, entertainer
Networth$16 million

Stevin’s Love Life

Stevin john has been dating his girlfriend, Alyssa, for many years. They were seen together in 2015. They were engaged in August 2015. Stevin proposed to him in Malibu, California, and she accepted his proposal. Stevin also announced this on Instagram by caption under his post.

Alyssa got pregnant and announced this good news to his Instagram fans. It was revealed in March 2022 that the actor and his fiancé had welcomed their first child together. However, Stevin had already stated that he and Alyssa were expecting a child. The couple later revealed that their upcoming kid would be a boy.

Lochlan David John, son of Stevin, was born on March 9 and was named after his father. According to accounts, the baby weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces at birth.

Some Interesting Facts

• Stevin also served in the military and was an airman veteran.

• Stevin John has received the support of his family. Moreover, his mother, Nancy, created the first blue and orange outfit he wore during his act.

• Stevin loves ice cream as a dessert and is also a kid at heart.

Steve’s Net Worth

Stevin John’s net worth is around $16 million as of 2023. Steve is living a lavish life. He accumulated his net worth through his YouTube profession. However, he also earns substantial money from other sites, including HBO Max, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

 Mr. Rogers, an educator, was a major source of inspiration for Blippi. He was greatly inspired by him and began incorporating his ideas into his videos.


How much did Stevin sell Blippi for?

Moonbug Entertainment Ltd., the business behind the popular YouTube children’s channels Cocomelon and Blippi, agreed to be acquired by two former Walt Disney Co. executives in a deal worth more than $3 billion.

Was Blippi in the military?

Yes, Blippi served two years between 2006 and 2008 in the military. And as an airman veteran.

How did Stevin make his money?

Stevin makes most of his money from his YouTube channel.

Does Blippi have a kid?

Yes, Blippi is the father of a son. Furthermore, Stevin and her fiancé welcomed their son on March 9.

Who is the CEO of Blippi?

Stevin is the CEO of the Blippi YouTube Channel

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