• May 16, 2024
Planet Earth is Going to Lose a Second for the First Time in History

Remember when we used to say that time is moving so fast? Now this line has a meaning and very soon it will be true. According to world timekeepers research, there will be a subtraction of seconds from our clock as the rotation of Earth is going very fast. Let me explain a bit more about how the Planet Earth is going to lose a second.

 It is called a “negative leap year” in which our clocks will not show 11:59:59 they will show 11:58 and then directly jump onto midnight which means the time on the clock will be 12:00. No doubt, the rotation of Earth is quite faster due to climate change and melting of glaciers. 

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How Planet Earth is Going to Lose a Second? 

Due to faster rotation, Planet Earth is going to lose a second. Moreover, the reason for speedier rotation is the melting of liquid on both the Poles of Earth. It is also called a Negative Leap Year. Dennis McCarthy an expert reveal that the rotation of the Earth is quicker due to the effect of tides. The pull of the moon causes the effect of tides. 

Another Physicist working on Time and Frequency Division Judah Levine said: 
“In 2016 or 2017 or maybe 2018, the slowdown rate had slowed down to the point that the Earth was actually speeding up.”

Another Geophysicist at the University of California Duncan Agnew said:
“This is an unprecedented situation and a big deal. It’s not a huge change in the Earth’s rotation that’s going to lead to some catastrophe or anything, but it is something notable. It’s yet another indication that we’re in a very unusual time.”

Not just one Geophysicist another Massimo Frezzotti glaciologist and professor at Roma Tre University revealed:

“Melting glaciers of Greenland and Antarctica changes the mass distribution and therefore the shape of our planet, which is not a sphere, but a geoid.”

Geophysicists, glaciologists, and professors studying the cause of a second missing in our time all have different theories and mindsets. However, it is expected in 2029 that the Earth is going to lose a second due to its quick rotations. 

Wrap Up

People around the world are shocked and in disbelief that Planet Earth is going to lose a second due to its faster rotation. The main causes behind the quicker turns of Earth the climate change, the melting of glaciers, and the release of liquid from both sides of the poles. 


What will happen to Earth in 2025?

In 2025 we will face severe issues of climate change and the potential risk of floods. Also, there will be rising sea levels that can cause damage to the surroundings. 

How long does Earth have left?

The earth has 1.75 billion years left until Earth is out of Sun habitable zone. 

How old is the Earth in seconds?

To be very precise planet Earth is 174709440000000000 seconds old. 

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