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Is the Russian Sleep Experiment A True Story or Fictional Story?

The Russian Sleep experiment belongs to creepypasta. It is a spooky tale famous for generating horror, murder, zombies, and, aliens related content.

However, one of its renowned tales that made everyone go crazy is the Russian sleep experiment. Moreover, this story was posted by Creepy Pasta Wiki on 10th August 2010. It was published under the name “OrangeSoda.” 

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The Plot Story of the Russian Sleep Experiment

In the 1940s some Russian researchers locked five prisoners in an airtight chamber. The chamber was enclosed with a gas that prevented the inmates from sleeping. Throughout the experiment, their voices were heard and their behavior was monitored through the camera. 

If we talk about the first few days the prisoners were okay and talking to each other. However, on day 5 they showed the symptoms of restlessness. Less talking to each other and just murmuring a few words. 

On day 9 the situation got much worse two prisoners were running around the chamber shouting to their fullest. These symptoms were the reason for not sleeping for the past nine days. Moreover, they were shouting so loud that their vocal cords were near to being broken. 

The result of the Russian Sleep Experiment 

The Russian Sleep experiment has the most dreadful results. After 10 to 12 days there was no sound coming from inside and none of the prisoners were moving. The researcher looked through the tinted glass window but no sign of life was seen. 

The Russian researchers were frightened that the prisoners were dead and decided to open the chamber. However, a dreadful scene happens when they hear a sudden voice saying “ We no longer want to be freed.”

On the 15th day finally, the gas was replaced by fresh air. However, the results were spine-chilling. One of the inmates was dead and the other inmates were severely disfigured. Not just that some of their flesh was tearing down on the floor. 

Some of the inmates have opened up their abdomen in case of hunger and eat up their flesh as food. Some horrific incidents occurred when the prisoners were taken out of the chamber.

They were resisting to stay inside and one of them even broke his muscle while fighting. Moreover, when asked about why they wanna stay in that airtight chamber these were their exact words: “I must remain awake.” 

What was the End of The Russian Sleep Experiment

The Russian researchers decided to end the Russian Sleep experiment by killing the last two remaining inmates and clearing up all the evidence of these experiments.

However, the commanding officer rejected the appeal and ordered them to put them back in the chamber. But the chief officer was terrified and decided to shoot the last two experimental evidence. All five inmates were killed brutally. 


Nobody is sure that this Russian Sleep experiment is just a publication by CreepyPasta who is a master at crafting content based on horror and zombies. In this context, it was the best foot forward by the publications. It was immensely popular as soon as it was released. The story told the horror effect everything was on point. 


Is there a Russian Sleep Experiment movie?

The Soviet Sleep Experiment Produced by Barry Andersson featuring Chris Kattan. The story of this movie is the same as the Russian experiment. 

Where can I watch the Russian Sleep Experiment movie?

You can watch The Sleep Experiment on Tubi – Free Movies & TV, Freevee, Prime Video, or Apple TV on your Roku device.

What is the longest someone has stayed awake?

American Student Randy Gardner has set a world record of not sleeping for 264 hours. 

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