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Nadine Caridi – Ex-Wife of Jordan Belfort Facts and Biography

Nadine Caridi is a former British model. She gained fame for her marriage to Jordan Belfort. Jordan is a former stock market mogul notorious for his shady business dealings. 

Moreover, she first met Belfort in the late 1980s when he was still married to his first wife. Entrepreneur and race car driver Alan Wilzig introduced her, who happened to be his ex-girlfriend.

Nadine’s modeling career propelled her to stardom as an actress in several Hollywood blockbusters. Page Six says she has had a successful career as an actress. During her modeling career, she gained recognition as the face of the beer brand ‘Miller Lite.‘ 

Furthermore, she appeared in national campaigns such as the ‘Monday Night Football’ commercials. However, her relationship with Belfort brought her into the public eye. 

They met at one of Belfort’s lavish parties through Nadine Caridi’s then-boyfriend, Alan Wilzig. After a few years of courtship and Belfort’s divorce from his first wife, they tied the knot. 

They have two children together. However, their marriage ended in divorce due to Belfort’s substance abuse and infidelity issues. Nadine has since moved on with her life and married John Macaluso. 

John is a former entrepreneur from New York and the CEO of Wizard World. This article will provide insights into Nadine Caridi, including her upbringing, education, personal life, career, net worth, and more.

Nadine Caridi Quick Facts


NameNadine Caridi
Nick NameDuchess of Bay Ridge
Date of Birth24 December, 1967
Age56 Years
Place of BirthLondon, United Kingdom
ProfessionFormer Model, Social Media Influencer, Marriage Therapist
Famous ForEx-Wife Of Jordan Belfort


GraduationJohn Dewey High School, Brooklyn
MastersPacifica Graduate Institute
Ph.D.Ph.D. in Counseling and Somatic Psychology (Pacifica Graduate Institute)


FatherWill Update Later
MotherSuzanne Caridi
SiblingsAnthony Caridi
Marital StatusMarried
First HusbandJordan Belfort
Second HusbandJohn Macaluso
ChildrenCarter Belfort and Chandler Belfort Alexandra Macaluso, Nikki McTernan and Frankie Macaluso

Body Stats

Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlonde
Waist Size32 Inches
Chest Size36 Inches
Hips40 Inches
Shoe Size7 (UK Standard)

Net worth

Net Worth$5 Million
SalaryWill Update Soon
Net Worth

Nadine Caridi Early Life

Born on November 6, 1962, in London, England, Nadine Caridi entered this world. Furthermore, she is known as the Duchess of Bay Ridge. Additionally, she holds both British and American citizenship. 

Originally from London, England, she moved to Brooklyn, New York, with her parents at a young age. She spent her entire childhood there. However, there is not sufficient information available about her parents.

She attended Dewey High School in Brooklyn for her early education. Likewise, after finishing high school, Nadine pursued a career in modeling. Meanwhile, she became the poster girl for the beer brand ‘Miller Lite‘ in the 1990s. 

Her stunning looks and captivating personality led to her featuring in numerous national commercial campaigns, including Monday Night Football commercials. Later, Nadine pursued a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. 

In 2015, Nadine Caridi obtained her doctorate in the same field. Since then, Nadine has worked as a marriage counselor and family therapist named Dr. Nadine Macaluso.

However, before pursuing her degree, Nadine entered the world of modeling. She quickly gained success in the modeling industry in the 1980s. She appeared in various advertisements and also graced the covers of magazines like “GQ,” “Vogue,” and “Cosmopolitan.”

Career Life


Nadine completed high school at the age of 17. Meanwhile, she followed her interests in modeling and acting. As a result, she landed a gig advertising Miller Lite beer while working for Miller Coors.

She went on to work on numerous national-level campaigns. The celebrity indeed established a successful career as a model. Meanwhile, this project gave her a taste of fame, leading to offers from other national campaigns, such as Monday Night Football. 

Despite not receiving much recognition as a model, Nadine Caridi’s relationship with Jordan Belfort brought her even greater fame. However, she had to put her modeling career on hold after tying the knot with Jordan. 


Nadine was abused and suffered from her marriage with Jordan. As a result, she found a passion for helping others and decided to pursue a career in psychotherapy. 

At 39, she returned to school and completed her master’s degree in counseling at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Ten years later, in 2015, Nadine Caridi earned her Ph.D. in Counseling and Somatic Psychology. 

Consequently, she became a licensed marriage and family therapist in New York named Dr. Nae. Dr. Nae specializes in treating mood and personality disorders. Moreover, shame, complex trauma, love, relationships, somatic therapy, and NARM. 

She started as an intern at Manhattan Beach Community Counseling. Nadine worked her way up to become a family therapist and career counselor. In addition, she has written her first book.

She is active on Instagram, where she regularly shares family photos. Additionally, she provides tips and insights on family therapy. Running a YouTube channel named “Dr. Nae’s Talking Bar,” she discusses diverse mental health topics.

Personal Life

Her marriage to Jordan Belfort brought Nadine into the public eye. Jordan Belfort was a stockbroker and motivational speaker. He gained infamy in the 1990s for his fraudulent stock schemes. 

He was also the inspiration behind the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street,” in which Leonardo DiCaprio played him.

Jordan Belfort was so enamored by Nadine Caridi’s beauty that he divorced his high school sweetheart, Denise Lombardo. Thus, he married Caridi in a lavish ceremony in the Caribbean in 1991.  

Furthermore, they had two children together, Carter and ChandlerIn. However, they divorced in 2005. Nadine cited physical and emotional abuse as the reason for the divorce.


Eventually, the couple separated after enduring all of these challenges. After her divorce from Jordan Belfort, Nadine married John Macaluso. 

John is the current CEO of Wizard World, 22 years older than her. Despite the age gap, they have a happy marriage together. Macaluso’s company is valued at 8 million dollars.

Interesting Facts

  • • Jordan Belfort, a stockbroker, bought a yacht for his love interest, the Duchess of Bay Ridge, and named it “Nadine.”
  • • Nadine Caridi appeared on TV shows such as “Hell’s Kitchen” and in the movie “Casino.”
  • • Nadine’s ex-husband attended their daughter’s wedding, Chandler Belfort, at Kenoza Hall in New York on September 25, 2021.
  • • Nikki McTernan, Caridi’s stepdaughter, works as a marketer at Etsy.
  • • Nadine runs a YouTube channel called “The Real Dr. Nadine,” Her video titled “How to Leave a Trauma Bond” has received over 12,000 views.
  • • Nadine has written an e-book that motivates individuals to move on from difficult and traumatic relationships.

The Wolf of Wall Street

The biopic film was later turned into a movie based on the scandals of Jordan Belfort’s life. Leonardo DiCaprio as Belfort. Nadine Caridi’s character in the movie had a different name. 

However, the story remained the same. Initially, she did not share her views on the movie. Although, recently, through her TikTok account, she has been sharing her side of the story. 

In her videos, she stated that the movie does not depict the complete truth. Moreover, how Belfort used to gift her expensive items to divert her attention from his abusive and harmful side these videos have garnered a significant audience.

Nadine Caridi’s Net Worth

Nadine Caridi began her career as a model, but it yielded insignificant earnings. However, she now earns a substantial income as a clinical psychologist and therapist. 

It is believed that she received a significant amount of alimony from her ex-husband Jordan Belfort. Belfort had a net worth estimated to be over $100 million at the time of their divorce. 

Today, Nadine’s estimated net worth is $5 million. She has earned it through hard work and pursuing her passions.


What happened to Jordan Belfort’s first wife?

Jordan Belfort’s first wife was Denise Lombardo. They married in 1985 but divorced after four years due to Belfort’s infidelity. Lombardo changed her name to Nadine Caridi, pursued a successful career as a model and actress, and later remarried with two children.

Did Jordan Belfort hit Nadine?

Jordan Belfort, the subject of “The Wolf of Wall Street,” did physically assault his wife, Nadine, according to his memoir, including kicking her down the stairs while holding their daughter.

Why does Naomi leave Jordan?

As he makes love to her, Jordan informs Naomi that she despises and scolds him for denying the matter. Realizing she can’t get Jordan off her, Naomi gives in to his attempts, begging him to cum for her and grinding herself against him so they can get this over with soon. 

What happened to Nadine Caridi?

Dr. Nadine Macaluso, formerly known as Nadine and ex-wife of Jordan Belfort, has shared her perspective on their relationship on TikTok. Belfort, meanwhile, has recently moved to Miami and settled in a new home there, according to the Miami Herald in December 2021.

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