• May 16, 2024
How to Find Out if Someone Died in Your House

Buying a property that costs you thousands and suddenly you realize that this too good to be true property can have a history? Like an unnatural death that makes the house price go down by 10-25%.

Nobody wants to move into a house with such a negative past. If you want to know how to find out if someone died in your house here are a few ways that can help you.

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How to Find Out if Someone Died in Your House Un-Naturally? 

Assuming and being curious about good things in life this a part of human nature. If we see something that is very tempting and also comes with a low price, we feel something is wrong. Here are a few ways how to find out if someone died in your house. 

You can ask the neighbours around the line if this property is safe and has no legal issues. Pay $12 on the DiedInHouse website to know if death like suicide or homicide has happened there. Moreover, to buy reliable property you can go check out HouseCreep. 

Search Online

Put your address on the search engine and check whether there is a blog or article that has a story linked to your home address. Moreover, to be specific enter the address in quotation marks and it will get you exact results. 

Check Obituaries and Newspapers

Another very easy way is to look through newspapers and obituaries. However, checking all the newspapers will be tough. But you can check obituary sites as some of them even mention details of where they lived, their job, and much more. 

Ask Your Property Agent

The property agent may hide it from you but if you ask him and if he lies you can take legal action. However, if you ask the property agent, he will surely tell you if someone has died in your home.

In California, the state agents must tell you if something unusual has occurred as this is compulsory. You can ask them if you don’t know then let me know how to find out if someone died in your house so they just don’t take this as a joke. 

Search in Vital Records 

Vital Records is a website that holds the death certificates of people with their last location. It means that if a person has died in their home or hospital their death certificate will have a location. So, you can check the certificate through vital records. 

Ask the House Owner

If you have a chance to meet or talk to the house owner make sure to ask him indirectly. The owner is the only person who can have exact information about anything strange that could have happened in the house. Here are a few questions you can ask. 

  • Is there anything strange that happened in the house in the early 20s?
  • Did someone have any unnatural death in this house?

Ask In the Neighbourhood 

The easiest and most secure way is to ask the nearby neighbours if they have witnessed anything strange in the house. Or something has happened in that specific place before. Make sure when you go out to have a quick chat with your next-door neighbour. Here are a few questions you may ask.

  • How long you have been in this community? Is there anything strange about living here?
  • Have you witnessed anything unnatural around the street? 
  • Is there any criminal record regarding the house or property?

Check on DiedInHouse.com Website 

If you pay $12 you can easily find about the history of the house like if there is any death occurred, fire, drug dealing, or any other necessary information. Moreover, it will give you a comprehensive report after you pay a one-time price. 

Visit HouseCreep.com Website 

This website known as Housecreep.com tells you if anything related to criminal acts has happened in the house. Most of the entries on this website are from American and Canadian properties. However, it’s your luck you may find something handy if you search. 


If you have tried every site on how to find out if someone died in your house then you can check it on NeighorWho which charges $35. A little too expensive. Pay the amount, enter the address, and go through the whole overview of the house in just one click.  

Hire an Investigator 

If you are too curious to know who died in this property or any other unusual act that makes you terrified hire an investigator after paying a minimal fee. Some can charge you for working on an hourly basis and some may ask you for an advance. So it all depends on how you want to tackle this matter. 


If you are going to buy a property, make sure one thing that nothing unnatural has occurred as it can create negative energy and a mysterious vibe for you and your family.

There are several ways how to find out if someone died in your house. You can ask your neighbours, state agent, or the house owner, to check on the DiedInHouse.com website, and look at the vital records that are available online. 

Moreover, you can check by adding the address on a search engine and looking for any post or blog that hints towards your home address. Also, check obituaries and newspapers for more relevant information.


Is there a way to know if someone died in your house?

There are plenty of options where you can check if someone died in your house it can be the local newspapers, obituaries, your state agent, the DiedInHouse website, and your neighbours. 

How to find out if someone has died?

  • Digital archives
  • Check on social media
  • Confirm in your friend circle
  • Local court 
  • Online vital records and certificates

What happens if someone dies in your house?

Report the authorities call the doctor and report your local health authority. 

How do you figure out if someone you know died?

The very best way is to talk to people that were related to them directly. Otherwise, you can check in newspapers and online. 

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