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Roy Bryant Jr. Son of Carolyn Bryant - Biography and Facts

Roy Bryant Jr. and Lamar Bryant are children of Carolyn Bryant. They have faced numerous challenges throughout their lives, shaped by the infamous incident in American history.

Roy inherited his name from his father. Roy Bryant held American nationality and passed away at the age of 44. Bryant received his early education at a local school near his residence. 

Although information about his higher education remains undisclosed. However, it is likely that Roy Bryant Jr. attended a reputable college where he obtained his undergraduate degree.

 In 1955 Carolyn became a central celebrity in the tragic lynching of Emmett Till in Mississippi. In the collective memory of many, they remembered as the trio that seemingly evaded justice. 

Carolyn Bryant was born to a plantation manager and a nurse in Indianola, Mississippi. Furthermore, she came from the heart of the segregationist and supremacist white Citizens’ Councils. 

Despite being a high school dropout, she achieved success by winning two beauty contests and later married Roy Bryant, a former soldier.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the life aspects of Roy Bryant Jr. and we will also discuss Lamar Bryant Jr. and Carolyn Bryant’s involvements.

Roy Bryant Jr. Quick Facts


Real NameRoy Bryant Jr.
Nick NameRoy Jr.
Age44 Years
Date of BirthJune 12, 1952
Date of DeathSeptember 29, 1995
Cause of DeathCystic Fibroids
BirthplaceIndianola, Mississippi, United States
EthnicityAmerican African

Physical Stats

Weight82 Kg
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack


FatherRoy Bryant
MotherCarolyn Bryant
Relationship StatusMarried

Net Worth

Net Worth$500K

Roy Bryant Jr. Biography

Roy Bryant Jr. was the firstborn son of Carolyn and Roy Bryant. Born on June 12, 1952, in Indianola, Mississippi, Roy Jr. experienced a challenging upbringing. 

Moreover, shadowed by his father’s connection to Emmett Till’s murder. Owing to the sensitive nature of their connection to the case, details about their lives have been kept confidential. 

Information about education and family life is also kept in secrecy. Despite the controversy, Roy Jr. lived a normal life. Furthermore, participating in school activities like football and band, while forming lasting friendships. 

Post-high school, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force, serving in various overseas locations. Roy Jr. was married and had three children. 

However, he tragically passed away at 43 on September 29, 1995, due to cystic fibroids. Roy now laid to rest in Niblett’s Bluff Cemetery in Vinton, Louisiana, leaving behind a loving family.

Carolyn Bryant and Lamar Bryant

Carolyn Bryant mother of Roy Bryant Jr. was originally from Indianola, Mississippi. She was the daughter of a manager and a nurse. Despite leaving high school, Carolyn achieved recognition by winning two beauty pageants. 

She later married ex-soldier Roy Bryant. Together, they ran Bryant’s Grocery & Meat Market. Roy, a World War II veteran, supplemented their income by driving trucks with his half-brother J.W. 

Lamar Bryant

Born in 1953 in Money, Mississippi, Lamar Thomas Bryant experienced a challenging upbringing. Following in his older brother’s path, he earned his high school diploma.

Furthermore, joined the U.S. Air Force, serving overseas before receiving an honorable discharge. Currently residing in Raleigh, North Carolina, Lamar Thomas Bryant is dedicated to supporting his family. 

Married to Marsha Holley Bryant, she has been a steadfast pillar of support in their marriage. Despite his mother Carolyn residing in a care home, Lamar Thomas remains devoted to her, maintaining a strong and enduring bond.

As an adult, information about his career and family is also kept private. Much like his brother Roy, Lamar has largely evaded public scrutiny throughout his life.

Emmitt Till Case

In August 1955, Emmett Till, a Chicago teenager, suffered a gruesome fate. Recently discovered, an unserved warrant is connected to Carolyn, mother of Roy Bryant Jr. 

However, the Mississippi Attorney General’s office chose not to prosecute. Furthermore, citing a lack of new evidence. In 2007, Timothy Tyson, a Duke University research scientist revealed that Bryant confessed the most sensational parts of her testimony. 

She admitted her false claim of Till making verbal and physical advances. Carolyn claimed the 14-year-old boy grabbed her hand while she was stocking candy and asked her out. 

She alleged that, after freeing herself, he followed her to the cash register, grabbed her waist, made vulgar remarks, and whistled as she left. At the time, Carolyn’s husband, Roy Bryant, was away on a business trip.

However, learned of the incident upon his return on August 27. Roy contacted his half-brother, J.W. Milam, and together they drove to Emmett Till’s great uncle Mose Wright’s house.

They violently beat him, shot him in the head, and threw his lifeless body into a river. Although Roy and Milam, were arrested the case went to court.

Furthermore, they were not convicted despite ample evidence of the murder. A jury declared them not guilty, leading to a poorly handled case that fueled a nationwide civil rights movement. 

The Trial 

By the time the trial commenced the case had garnered widespread national and international attention. Roy, Carolyn, and J.W. became infamous figures. 

While testifying under oath, Carolyn, without the jury present, claimed that Emmett had made “ugly remarks” and whistled at her. After their acquittal, with the assistance of two defense attorneys, shared their version of events.

This interview was published in Look magazine in January 1956. Despite receiving support from the town, the men faced social exclusion after the article’s publication. 

The once-open discussion about their actions that led to the death of the young Chicago teenager now resulted in public perception.

Frank Lee Bryant and Carrolann

Frank Lee

In addition to Lamar and Roy Bryant Jr., Carolyn welcomed two more children. One of whom was Frank Lee Bryant, born on November 19, 1956. 

Spending most of his life in Greenville, Mississippi, Frank Lee staunchly supported his mother, especially during challenging times. Tragically, Frank Lee passed away on April 12, 2010, at the age of 53.

 His departure left a profound void in Carolyn’s heart. However, she found strength in her faith, believing that her sons, Roy Jr. and Frank Lee, were reunited. 


Carolyn also had a daughter, Carolann, born in 1958, who faced unique challenges from birth as she was deaf. Carolyn’s determination led her to learn sign language to communicate with her daughter. 

Upon divorcing Roy Sr., Carolyn sought primary custody to provide the best care for Carolann. Moreover, completed high school, and eventually married her sweetheart.

Roy Bryant Jr. Net Worth

Roy Bryant Jr. amassed a considerable income through his military career. Unfortunately, there is limited information available about Roy’s financial details online. 

However, Roy Bryant Sr.’s net worth estimated to be around 500,000 US dollars (approximate) through various means.


What was the cause of death for Roy Bryant?

He died of Cancer of the Bone.

Where is Roy Bryant Jr?

Roy Bryant Jr., the elder son of Donham, passed away in 1995 and was laid to rest in Vinton, a nearby location where the Bryant family resided from the 1960s to 1973.

Did Carolyn Bryant have children?

Yes, Roy Bryant and Lamar Bryant.

What happened to Emmett Till’s ear?

Wright recognized him through his father’s ring, which remained on his finger. His tongue had been severed, and his genitals and ears were mutilated. Additionally, an axe had nearly severed his face from his head.

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