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Paywall Bypass | VPN, Extensions, Incognito Window & 12ft.io. 

For over a decade, you need to access major digital websites with Paywall Bypass. As all the websites are now with paywalls reading articles does not seem easy. There is an option for signing up or subscribing to the page.

Moreover, few sites have the option of reading a limited number of articles. If you exceed that limit, then you will have to pay a certain amount. Even, many websites offer to pay first and read later. 

Now is the time when mostly news-related websites ask for monthly subscriptions. Because they are unable to generate a decent income, this marketing strategy can help them make revenue. However, if you can afford to pay the fees, then do pay them. Yet, there are many ways to paywall bypass. 

There is a possibility that in the future these methods stop working. Still, these methods can be a good catch for paywall bypass. Nevertheless, if you are wealthy enough then try to pay the fees to support their business. 

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What Is A Paywall Bypass On Website?

Today, hundreds of websites have paywalls on their sites. It means that the access to the specific website is restricted. To visit the website or read it one should subscribe or pay monthly fees of it. 

Further, there are two types of paywall bypass. The first is a soft paywall in which you can read a limited number of articles and after that, the website restricts your reading. Secondly, there is a hard paywall in which you can only get access after paying the subscription fees or by signing up for the page. 

Besides, there are further two categories of paywalls. Firstly, there are client-side paywalls. In which you can load the browser first and then get to know the accessibility of the content. So, if there is an overlay on the content that means you cannot read it. If the content is loading that means you can extract the data from extensions. 

Lastly, in server-side paywalls, you can get to see the content of the website if the server thinks that you are a search engine bot. That means you can view the content without interruption. 

What Are The Possible Ways For Paywall Bypass?

You must be curious to know the easy and best hacks and methods to get a paywall bypass. For that, read the following sources to get through the paywalls without paying any fees. 

Pasting The Title Line On Google Search 

One of the most convenient ways to go through paywall websites is from Google. All you have to do is copy the headline of the article and paste it on the Google search bar. After entering you will see the results that are free to access. 

Facebook Redirect

You will be shocked to know that Facebook can also help you read articles for free. Also, it does not require a Facebook account. 

  • Simply, open the article you want to read. 
  • Copy the URL from the web browser and then paste it before https://facebook.com/l.php?u= this link. 
  • You will be redirected to the article page with a link to proceed. 
  • After this process you can easily read the article without any paywall. 

Using Incognito Window To Open Link 

In this method, you will have to open the paywall article in the web browser with an Incognito window. However, this method is only applicable to the “metered” paywalls. That means the website only works when you pay the subscription fee. 

Thus, reading an article in incognito windows for your free trial can lead to keeping the reading going even after the trial is over. 

More Paywall Bypass Options

JavaScript In Your Browser Is Disabled 

Several websites try to hide the content with paywalls. And they work from JavaScript. Therefore, if you disable the JavaScript in your browser then you can read that content. Nevertheless, you will have to see that JavaScript might break. It includes breaks in websites, no comments viewing, or no other load. Yet, the best way to keep it is by using a separate browser. It will avoid enabling and disabling of JavaScript. 


Some of the sites have a limited number of accesses to reading the articles. Once you exceed that limit the content will disappear. For that, you can use a VPN to change your IP address and trick the server. 

Webpage Editing 

If you are good at HTML and CSS then you can easily get a paywall bypass. Thus, you will have to edit the page which can remove those banners blocking the website. 

Using Browser Add-Ons

One good thing that can help paywall bypass is the add-ons. Your browser will be the bypass on websites. 

Using 12ft.io or 1ft.io

This can be a basic task as 12ft.io is designed to pass the paywall websites. Thus, you will have to copy the link and paste it on the bar to get the best results. 

Archiving the Paywalls Bypass Page

Today we know the signs of spiritual language are screenshots. Similarly, this method is like screenshotting the website but with a time stamp. Here, there will be a saved copy of your data. Also, you can see the content by bypassing the paywalls directly. 


A Paywall bypass is a way of getting access to restricted websites. There is now the majority of websites with paywalls. To pass those paywalls one had to work for days and nights. However, different methods can help you get through it. 

The methods that you can apply may include, VPNs, incognito windows, google search bar, Facebook redirect, JavaScript disabled, and webpage editing. So, if you want to read your favorite article or content then comment down below. 

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What happened to 12ft?

In 2022 August, the site went offline. Where the page shows that it was disabled on purpose. 

What is the best paywall remover?

Here is the best list for paywall remover discussed. 

  • Bardeen – best for hard paywalls.
  • ReaderMode – best for soft paywalls.
  • Unpaywall – scientific articles.
  • Bypass Paywall – works with tricky websites.
  • uBlock.
  • How to bypassing a paywall manually.
  • Endnotes.

What means paywall?

Today, hundreds of websites have paywalls on their sites. It means that the access to the specific website is restricted. To visit the website or read it one should subscribe or pay monthly fees.

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