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How to get Flame Grant me Strength - Elden Ring Guide

In Elden Ring, “Flame Grant Me Strength” stands as a potent Fire Monk Incantation. When cast, it envelops the caster in a harmless yet invigorating fire. Furthermore, bolstering both their physical and fire-affinity attack prowess.

This mystical enhancement empowers every basic attack. In addition, executed with any weapon dealing physical damage, granting a substantial 20% boost. Moreover, this incantation amplifies the effectiveness of flame-imbued weapon skills.

Consequently, augments the damage output of fire-centric Dragon Communion Spells like Agheel’s Flame. Elden Ring presents players with a staggering array of weapon combinations. Among these coveted incantations, one stands out Flame Grant Me Strength.

In this article, we will delve deep into the concept of “flame grant me strength.” Furthermore, exploring its meaning, relevance, and the transformative power it holds.”  Furthermore, it offers choices ranging from fist-like weapons to potent spells and incantations.

Where To Find Flame Grant Me Strength

At the beginning of the game, it is easy to acquire the “Flame Grant Me Strength” ability. Go near the entrance to Caelid, accessible as soon as players arrive in the Lands Between. Starting from the Fort Gael North Site of Grace, head west towards Fort Gael.

Upon reaching the fort’s entrance, proceed along its outer perimeter. Furthermore, turning left to follow the wall behind the fort. As you reach the back, you’ll notice two flame chariots guarding a corpse with an item.

When you approach, smaller burning enemies will also appear. To deal with the chariots efficiently, consider using a plunge attack. Alternatively, you can attack the driver from behind to inflict more damage.

While Flame Chariots pose a threat, you can swiftly pass them to access the corpse and acquire Strength.” It’s possible to retrieve the Spell and escape. However, players with low HP may face challenges.

How To Use Flame Grant Me Strength

Flame requires 15 faiths for memorization and consumes 28 FP upon casting. This incantation enhances the caster’s physical and fire damage for approximately 30 seconds.

Although the spell’s duration can be slightly extended using the Old Lord’s Talisman. Notably, this buff can be stacked with Golden Vow. Consequently, in a significant multiplication of your damage boost.

While the incantation’s duration is relatively short, it serves as an excellent choice before initiating a lengthy combo against an enemy. Combining this buff with another can substantially amplify its effectiveness.

Additionally, as it boosts your flame incantations, it becomes an optimal choice to cast before unleashing potent fireball spells. This incantation cannot be stacked with Bloodboil Aromatic, Ironjar Aromatic, Drangonbolt Blessing, and Black Flame’s Protection.

Furthermore, the enhanced physical damage from the incantation extends to physical-related spell damage. You can combine it with sorceries like Meteorite and Rock Sling to fully capitalize on the benefits of “Flame Grant Me Strength.”


What does Oh Flame, Grant Me Strength do?

“Flame, Grant Me Strength” enhances both your standard physical damage and any fire-based damage you can inflict.

Where can I find flame strength?

At Fort Gael.

Where is the Golden Vow?

You can acquire The Golden Vow at the Corpse-Stench Shack, located just in front of the shattered bridge in Mt. Gelmir.

What does Golden Vow do?

In Elden Ring, the Golden Vow (Spell) is an Incantation that boosts your character’s attack and defense, along with those of your allies, for 80 seconds.

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