• June 20, 2024

There has been enormous amounts of investment and NGOs to support gender equality  funded by international and national communities and institutes.

The arising question of whether the Pakistani nation has achieved gender equality yet. The answer is neither “No” nor “Yes”. The answer is complicated as it’s an under the progress situation facing various roadblocks due to various reasons having some roots unfound.

Pakistan is an overly diverse nation and holds numerous communities with their own cultures, languages and traditions. They have their own languages with different dialects and own ethnic identities, most of whom are rural with some of them migrated to urban areas.

Therefore, dealing with gender inequality is a complex situation as the organizations would have to create and come up with special and distinct ideas and policies to deal with each culture and ethnicity. A centrally unified policy, idea or organization cannot fight gender inequality. 

The patriarchy has its deep roots in the cultures of communities and they find it difficult to give up or share their powers when they are tightly and inclusively bound with their culture. However, this situation changes rapidly when they have exposure to higher education or they move to urban neighborhoods for better opportunities.

The urban population can cause peer pressure on these new neighbors to adapt their culture for better financial opportunities and career success.

Furthermore, it is evident that the inclusion of women in the workforce is bearing fruits for women equality. The educational institutes and media agencies are playing a front role in this change. Even in rural areas the parents and families are inclined to send their daughters for higher education and give them a prominent role in the family decisions or a leading role in decision making. They trespass their cultural norms and traditions for a chance of inclusivity in a broader and successful community.

New generation of men are playing a prominent role in the women empowerment and equality and a source of motivation for women to achieve the higher ranks of society to gain respect and honor among people.

AUTHOR Sheryar Shabeer

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