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Blaidd Questline Elden Ring - A Deep Dive to Quest

In Blaidd Questline Elden Ring is among the initial questlines you could meet. In the vast world of gaming, few things captivate players more than an engaging questline. You can find it by exploring the Mistwood in eastern Limgrave. 

Blaidd Questline is filled with mysteries, challenges, and unforgettable moments. Elden Ring’s towering wolf knight, Blaidd, shares the spotlight with fan-favorite Malenia. Upon meeting him, you’ll swiftly grasp his unique cha rm. 

However, his imposing wolf-like appearance is both regal and surprisingly courteous. Furthermore, it makes him a beloved NPC in the FromSoftware universe. However, it’s essential to acquaint yourself with him, as Blaidd’s quest sets in motion. 

After being in Blaidd’s proximity, the merchant Kale will offer a clue on how and where to meet him. However, Blaidd is intertwined with quests like Ranni’s and the Elden Ring Sorceress Sellen questline

Blaidd, the Half-Wolf, presents one of the game’s most compelling questlines, ultimately granting you the Royal Greatsword, Blaidd’s armor set, and the Wolf Mask, allowing you to fully embrace the role of the formidable wolf. 

In this article, we’ll take you on an exciting journey through the Blaidd Questline Elden Ring, uncovering its secrets, complexities, and the excitement it brings to players.

Blaidd Questline – Chapter 1


If you want to begin the Blaidd questline elden ring, make your way to Mistwood located in the eastern part of Limgrave. There, visit the Mistwood Ruins, and you’ll hear a wolf howling from somewhere.

Unfortunately, there are no wolves in this vicinity. To proceed, head back to the Church of Elleh and have a conversation with Kale. Inquire about the howling wolf that was heard in the Mistwood. He will likely laugh and offer you the Finger Snap gesture.

Once you have obtained it, make your way over to the Mistwood Ruins and use the gesture in a particular alcove located on the western side. Blaidd jumps down and announces that he is searching for a man named Darriwil.


Afterward, make your way back to the Church of Elleh. Approach the merchant Kalé, whose appearance bears resemblance to Santa Claus. Once again in the Mistwood Ruins, direct your attention upwards to spot Blaidd.

Position yourself underneath him and access the Finger Snap gesture. Employing this gesture will lead to Blaidd descending to meet you. Despite his imposing appearance, rest assured, he’s far less intimidating than your initial impression suggests.

Blaidd Questline – Chapter 2


In their conversation, Kale affectionately labels Blaidd as “a good egg.” Furthermore, the Half-Wolf swiftly establishes a sense of camaraderie with you. This connection prompts him to swiftly involve you in a mission. 

To locate Darriwil, your destination is the Forlorn Hound Evergaol in Limgrave. Furthermore, positioned just to the south of the Agheel Lake South site of Grace. Upon arriving at the Evergaol, you possess the ability to summon Blaidd to your aid. 

Employing fire or lightning-related items or spells can provide an advantage. Darriwil’s resistance to these elemental forces is relatively limited. Whether you choose to tackle Darriwil’s challenge with or without the assistance of Blaidd.

Upon prevailing in the battle, you’ll have the opportunity to rendezvous with Blaidd Questline. This meeting can occur either outside the Evergaol or back at the Mistwood Ruins.

Irrespective of the location, Blaidd will extend his congratulations for your triumph over his quarry. Moreover, will bestow upon you a Somber Smithing Stone 2 ++++as a token of appreciation.

Road to Manor

Blaidd will offer you valuable smithing stones. He’ll also suggest that you meet his companion, Iji. If you haven’t progressed beyond Stormveil Castle, this is the point where your interaction with Blaidd temporarily halts.

Upon arriving at Liurnia of the Lakes, you’ll find yourself ready to continue your journey with Blaidd. In the northern part of Liurnia, you’ll come across a site of grace known as “Road to the Manor.” 

Here, you’ll encounter the towering blacksmith named Iji. You’ll gain access to a valuable opportunity: the chance to purchase the Carian Filigreed Crest. This talisman serves to diminish the FP cost of your weapon skills by a notable 25.

Blaidd Questline – Chapter 3

Ranni’s Rise

In the upcoming interactions with Blaidd, your paths will intersect through Ranni’s storyline. You’ll encounter Blaidd anew at Ranni’s Rise. Subsequently, you’ll come across him underground in the Siofra River Well. 

Your journey will also lead you to meet him once more at Redmane Castle. After successfully vanquishing General Radahn, Blaidd will direct you to convene at the location where the meteor impacted. 

However, if you opt to follow Ranni’s questline and venture underground into the eternal city. You won’t encounter Blaidd Questline again until the conclusion of the narrative.

Return to Evergaol

Instead, journey back to the Forlorn Hound Evergaol in Limgrave to reconnect with Blaidd. His distinctive howls will guide you as you approach the area. Once within its confines, position yourself in the center to initiate a conversation.

During your conversation, Blaidd will divulge that Iji imprisoned him within these walls. However, he remains uncertain about the motives behind this act. Revisit Iji to uncover the underlying truth. 

The towering blacksmith will reveal that Blaidd was assigned to serve Ranni as her shadow. However, with Ranni’s course diverging from the Greater Will, it’s foretold that Blaidd is destined to descend into madness.

Blaidd Questline – Chapter 4

To witness the conclusion of Blaidd’s narrative, you must first accomplish Ranni’s quest. After Ranni’s quest and the acquisition of the Dark Moon Greatsword, revisit Ranni’s Rise. 

At this location, you will uncover the tragic conclusion of Blaidd’s journey. Regrettably, the Half-Wolf has fallen victim to the madness foreshadowed by Iji. Despite his past loyalty, the time has come to put him to rest. 

For this act, you’ll receive Blaidd’s armor set and the Royal Greatsword. Consequently, an immense weapon that thrives on strength and intelligence attributes. As a side note, if you desire to complete the armor set, a helm resembling Blaidd’s visage awaits behind Seluvis’s Rise. 

And that wraps up the journey of finding Blaidd questline elden ring. As mentioned, it’s a bittersweet tale that concludes with the loss of your steadfast companion. With Blaidd you’re likely to uncover elements relevant to Fia’s questline. 

Therefore, don’t hesitate to consult our guide to her quest as well. Blaidd’s Royal Greatsword is a commendable option for Strength and Intelligence-oriented builds.

With the Elden Ring adventure far from over, keep a keen eye on our guides hub for continuous updates and fresh information. 


Can you mess up Blaidd’s questline?

His quest has to be done before Ranni’s. Otherwise, things can get messed up, and you won’t be able to complete Blaidd’s quest.

How do I start the Blaidd’s questline?

Pay a visit to Kalé to discuss the mysterious howling. Kalé will shed light on Blaidd and teach you the finger-snapping gesture, necessary for getting Blaidd’s attention. Return to Mistwood Ruins, use the Finger Snap when you hear the howl, and summon Blaidd.

Where is Blaidd after killing Radahn?

Instead of going to Nokron, Blaidd gets captured by War Counselor Iji in Forlorn Hound Evergaol right after leaving Radahn’s battleground. To hear Blaidd’s words, talk to him immediately after the fight or miss your only chance.

Can you avoid killing Blaidd?

Regrettably, in Elden Ring, it’s impossible to spare Blaidd from being slain.

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